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  1. Try new or old stuff like this
  2. Yea mate that's pretty much correct if you know what your doing. It can go wrong if you don't have the experience or make some mistakes bad decisions in what you do after you have gone for the K.O. generally a big disadvantage for them losing these main buildings and you should be able to capitalise.
  3. Got to be something to do with crossing tl barracks rally point... seems to pop up just after the line... ??
  4. Try to make sure you scout and attack fast. Keep yourself unscouted. Then just own. You can also make lots of logs everytime you lose a game. You can remain completely annomymous and undefeated this way Basically though just make them die... kill them before they kill you and you don't need worry about so many new logs
  5. well theres only 8 different people in the top ten, so almost all of them is probably 6 or 7... then the rest who voted dont actually play the ranked? seems fair to me. nah i knew what will be will be with the powers that be and all that, just think its putting more people off it than onto it with such rare maps... tbf i dont want any of the bs vet maps but if there are some who do then fine put some in but the lack of original stuff is killing it a bit for me and others who simply prefer the originals. Its nice to see some originals in the list but still lacking considering the choice there used to be... without all this seeming control i dont know why we cant just have all the maps... a random ww map is the closest thing to getting choice of all original... 4 other maps - Caseys Canyon -cliffs of insanity -Storms -Hot Springs Unless anyone else wants to add a couple other originals in exchange for a couple of these that's cool too..... or River Raid FS map Tiers of Sorrow Narrow River They All Float plenty of variety...
  6. So did everyone who plays the ladder get to vote? how many who voted for vet maps actually play the ladder? how long was the last topic/vote open for? how many people who play the ladder knew of this? p.s. its been a little more fun this month with more people taking part and having the exposure on the game list for ranked match... best idea yet.
  7. All originals would be a novel idea... Whack a couple of mods in for them types of people... Now you choose the maps you don't want to play from the choices given instead of choosing the map you want to play... but it's good addition because otherwise people just gonna play tezz mostly.. least it mixes it up a little
  8. remember the arcade on cncgamer! whens that coming back!
  9. ask mola then ask c0rps... or vice versa! haha
  10. yeh on maps like the 3 maps we play... we never use said units... lets not play other plays where they maybe more applicable... just mod it all instead.... also giants isnt worth to be in ts... how can u even compare units on a botched out map like that ? scenario specific units. play 1 scenario get one specific unit... ughhh .... maps where you have low tib a repair vehicle will be more valuable.... on giants u get a million quid why even repair bans u can build that many so the map renders it more useless give up trying to fix stuff and figure out another way around the problem... strategies... play a different map... try a different combo..
  11. Tibermach

    mk behavior #3

    every change begets another glitch... will never get used to cc being changed and the extra glitches on elevations that it causes when u mess with its fire... its cool to try these things as optional but i always revert back to original, its a proper game then with every change you make you limit or effect another area of the game, example the auto re-target kills the scouting/anti scout mirco game example speed up cc fire to help kill tits / moving objects (cc isnt a tit killer OG) and GS will never outrun a CC shot again... theres always a collateral issue in the bigger picture
  12. welcome back , vaguely rings a bell somewhere in the nostalgic memory banks who do you remember?
  13. rofl we will have the TS game play code of ethics and etiquette next you see... you know thats my favourite sky! so players who like to build gon be salty if u do it to them... others are like yeh its the game so get good and stop it
  14. and if an athiest says god doesnt exist? your still offended? or just because it was allahbuboo? oh lordy your offended its such a crime... this even serious? shiro of all people being offended hahahahahahahaha come on now pull the other one mate check out soco films u seen that at speakers corner? you know jesus is king right?
  15. Tibermach

    mk behavior #3

    mk is already a tuff nut to crack for nod as it is, please dont buff it more... why dont TS forum have a community balance patch post for these changes so we not left guessing like they do for c&c 1 or do they?... and just keep the original and have the option for all the buffs etc? can you get a tick box to enable auto retarget? can you put everything on auto retarget then just take the mk off auto retarget but change the primary weapon so it doesnt walk forward? i dunno lol but yeh the mk always did walk originally then right ?
  16. dudes gonna need 9 lives, and the rest. gtfooh.
  17. you can go to radar event with a key?
  18. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjrQGSpqSz41Zrvk1SdoviA Just reached 1k views! But only 19 subscribers so far. I know there are many more current and prospective new players out there so if you didn't already know here is the link to my new YouTube channel for TS Gameplay vids. I mainly want to showcase the NOD faction initially but am open to requests, and will at some stage try to get vids of specific Build Orders, so you can then see the important stuff from a NOD perspective. There will be tips n tricks mainly vs GDI opposition so as to help any new members to the Brotherhood fight the good fight! Long live Kane! Check it out and let me know how you get on! Cheers
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eyn8Y8XgMXM&t=18s
  20. need a tournament but ray prolly win again tho
  21. sucks ass even more op vs nod on tezz now... but yes its changed to balance the game again huh?
  22. The more I say j1r2 the more I get a feeling we did play together at some stage! c0rps still in contact with any of them?
  23. Don't forget about this - give it a go you might even improve your game. Maybe rename function to random match, least it will be an option for a game.. at the least newbies might use it more then too - ezee pnts lol
  24. When you loose your barrack and mcv have a wf and need anti infantry quick... Then wolves and buggies may be employed...? If you vs disc men - tits alone might not be enough add in your anti infantry gunner and you can pop them quicker..?? Verdict-mostly useless but do have their times. Also low tech games.
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