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  1. Damn you gonna have a ladder with 10 players again , of which only 5 will play... lol Is it one log from August month? Or from September you starting ?
  2. You need to get a new setup just for TS lol Dunno about that guy then. Don't recall him. Theres a brit guy who plays called summersun fairly decent. Doesn't play too much tho.
  3. Only if I get a gold star for walking eng from my base into your mcv? 😛
  4. Them fs maps are funny think they should keep them for those who want to play them but maybe have a button that rejects fs for those who don't? Think the map pool should be bigger still... also random map generator so no one knows wtf they are playing on make it interesting Can you get an extra button for a side tournament say for specific maps only?
  5. Wtf lol how does that happen
  6. Even with a limit you can use logs to intentionally lose but then hit the higher ranks to take more points? Is that manipulation or tactics?
  7. Think its like one account, a billion usernames.... you can do this too! see the previous thread about rankings bugged , just go and make some more usernames under your current account. At least the ladder looks as though people are actually playing. Granted it is mostly mola and im sure he would play himself if he could rofl to be fair, i think with the laws of average mola will end up playing mola on one of these games... surely! haha ;0 is it bugged or is it moled?
  8. New info available , will this be patched? Stealing harvesters with infantry using ctrl alt attack? Guess this is how it happens maybe?
  9. Nice one fair play my memory is bad! Now you mention it, sounds about right. Was so long ago and in the early days. Quality you need to get back on it j1r2! Who was sunny?? I'm steel0re baz! Got a new YouTube channel now. Been back playing for almost 3 years I think now lol it's good I really got back into it! When you returning??
  10. like a premier league/champs league... will there be group stages?? The Tiberian Sun World Cup!! tiberium forest you mean? or tib garden redux? wtf another one could be dueling.. points/group stage into knock outs... then run a mini league inbetween tournaments... damn what will happen to the ranked ladder then
  11. Raise your game... aspire to the challenge.. I think teamxle is improving and getting quicker, it just takes some time effort and game experience. Keep thinking too.
  12. hahaha funny topic! when the system changed to having to confirm registration i lost my steelc0re log as couldnt access my email account previously used... (hence a new account) somehow without clikcing that link in the email i eventually got logged back in as steelc0re... but yeh every new account comes in and takes mega points and is easier to get to the top, kindda kills it with a million new logs... i admit i have 2 in use! but i think 2 logs is good cause then you could tactically try to protect ur ranks (fair use policy)
  13. might be good idea to get automatic log in enabled for ranked matches so as soon as you come online the box will appear and you just click search for match then leave it in the background, then its just a case of declining any matches that popup? is that possible?
  14. well overdue although the ranked matches have taken a while to get going so hopefully soon, maybe see a better turn out
  15. thanks man! haha madmola think its just now turned to a backup account maybe... whos the new cyberpunk on the block? doomsday who is that? and is nausicaa wuss or other?
  16. Yea mate that's pretty much correct if you know what your doing. It can go wrong if you don't have the experience or make some mistakes bad decisions in what you do after you have gone for the K.O. generally a big disadvantage for them losing these main buildings and you should be able to capitalise.
  17. Got to be something to do with crossing tl barracks rally point... seems to pop up just after the line... ??
  18. Try to make sure you scout and attack fast. Keep yourself unscouted. Then just own. You can also make lots of logs everytime you lose a game. You can remain completely annomymous and undefeated this way Basically though just make them die... kill them before they kill you and you don't need worry about so many new logs
  19. well theres only 8 different people in the top ten, so almost all of them is probably 6 or 7... then the rest who voted dont actually play the ranked? seems fair to me. nah i knew what will be will be with the powers that be and all that, just think its putting more people off it than onto it with such rare maps... tbf i dont want any of the bs vet maps but if there are some who do then fine put some in but the lack of original stuff is killing it a bit for me and others who simply prefer the originals. Its nice to see some originals in the list but still lacking considering the choice there used to be... without all this seeming control i dont know why we cant just have all the maps... a random ww map is the closest thing to getting choice of all original... 4 other maps - Caseys Canyon -cliffs of insanity -Storms -Hot Springs Unless anyone else wants to add a couple other originals in exchange for a couple of these that's cool too..... or River Raid FS map Tiers of Sorrow Narrow River They All Float plenty of variety...
  20. So did everyone who plays the ladder get to vote? how many who voted for vet maps actually play the ladder? how long was the last topic/vote open for? how many people who play the ladder knew of this? p.s. its been a little more fun this month with more people taking part and having the exposure on the game list for ranked match... best idea yet.
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