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  1. How do you insert hi-res custom map preview into map? I rendered a hi-res preview and resized it to 400kb. I then converted png file to .pcx but I can't get XCC mixer to open file.

    1. YosefAnan


      XCC mixer is available on the internet you can download it

      you don't have to do the same as I did in the video, you can render the map with this render app:

      it will give you 3 images 2 big and one small for map preview the name will be for the small not the same as the map name because the big image resolution is the same name as the map delete the big one and rename the small one the same name of the map, edit it on photoshop if you want to add text shaps anything then put it in the cncnet costume folder maps it will appear in the cncnet client.

      That's it. 

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