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  1. I have 5k resolution. Maybe I'll try this too
  2. Finally a 60fps streamer. Actually feels like we living in 2018, and not 2001. Thanks!
  3. This is Red Alert 2: High Resolution Texture Pack. Available late 2029.
  4. Hopefully it will all be freeware soon.
  5. Thanks. Was fun to watch. I like the transitions. Basically Tanya wins on short distance.
  6. Soviet players: Marko and Latof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AK8OmlsP2-w Allied players: Adam and Mason
  7. FazeXWIS

    Error message

    Pretty much what I just said here: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7792-an-issue/
  8. Pretty much a series I do gladly watch to the end! Please do more of these.
  9. In my many years of playing, I would like to hear more about this too.
  10. From what I read, I do not see any "smarter AI improvements" here. Unless these basic unit tweaks only applies to the AI player?
  11. FazeXWIS

    Error message

    I have never understood how these kind of questions would solve anything. There are plenty of topics surrounding this issue. Here is one, which I found doing a quick search in the support section: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7721-kaboom-eror/
  12. As I pointed to you in the xwis forums, you should continue using your quiet well speaking english. I do not know how great your russian audience understands english, but I do however believe you will get a larger amount of views and subscribers if you prioritize the non-russian audience. Russian for me is like chinese. No personal!
  13. I do not understand all the hateful comments on youtube about FreQ/Martin being a noob. He played very well tacticly with no doubts he was playing against, as I can read, one of the best soviet players in Russia. The Snow Valley and Heck game was very interesting imo. Nice to see an allied player actually using allied units instead of mass grizzly tanks.
  14. FazeXWIS

    update failed

    I would try a different server in --> Options. Otherwise, try to uninstall RA2/YR completly and reinstall. Then update with Cncnet. Additionally run as a administrator.
  15. I prefer Bandicam, tiny, simple and great recordings. But my general advice for you, if you want your video to be smooth, buy a new comp/laptop. It is 2017.
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