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  1. If you are noob don't be upset if everyone kicked you in their rooms,just make your own room and wait for noob players to join you
  2. Just ignore him, it will hurt him more 🤓
  3. I have the same issue also and I don't know why it looks weird
  4. Hi there is a map called divide freeze over over made by distant q I can't find it in cncnet map databases or in any external links so if anyone has it please post it in map databases or in forums and send me a link
  5. HI, I was trying to add some maps from Cncnet map database and I put it in the custom file but I can't see any of it in the maps section when I run the game anyone could help?
  6. cga007

    Theme song issue

    Hi, Red alert 2 theme song(theme.mix) isn't working, only I can play listen to red alert 2 yuri's revenge tracks during the game, any idea how to this issue?
  7. cga007

    Kicking players

    Hi all, can the game host kick other players during the game?
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