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  1. this is still not the original glowing waters, middle right patch of gems+ore is too much , in real it's a bit less
  2. You cannot delete a nick at the moment, although you can create unlimited nicks as far as i knows.
  3. Glowing waters map is not the original one , plus in my map list yellowstone shows twice ,
  4. says the guy who did mcv sell bug lmao ? and u are so bad that u engi my wf and still lost in gsf :V It was crashed you dumb i don't need to dc , it's you who starts talking , why you need to talk in game ? just keep quiet if you wan't to avoid flaming, u better don't count lucky wins,
  5. 9 out 10 games? you sure ? ? are you the one who lost to me as bottom in mayday while i was top ?? are you the one who chronospeared the ifv + engineer and took my wf and yet you are the one who cry so much for getting lame ?? these lucky wins u get after u veto all soviet maps . I hope admins remove veto system and then you will go to top 50 at your original place
  6. of course it's true and this noob will be banned because of this i hope so
  7. Lol at least jaylib accepted his crime , what a joke you are, you are denying that?
  8. Can we please IP Ban mindwar for doing even bigger crime ?? Guys mindwar just did mcv sell bug in Qm rank game what a shame, Admin can we ban this guy too ? like he want to ban jaylib.
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