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  1. sorry for the double post, i have a good idea. maybe continue the tournament this christmas?
  2. This yuri Patch is only interesting for noob/average fungamer. And for ppl like you Martin. U would like to Patch everything to get a long game on allied and camp and spy all buildings LOL. So have fun with your Friends in fungames.
  3. sero

    News from EA.

    Here is my Dream: would be cool if they can make a new command and conquer between ra2 and generals, oldschool units/new units oldschool maps/new maps mixed with new graphic but same engine. For me the most important part is the service/updates for the new game. But at least EA is just a global player for video games, making the fast money and letting fall the games they dont care about the community, remember when ra3 and other versions of C&C came out. my official last game which i did bought was Yuris Revenge .
  4. sero


    RiP Jason 😢
  5. sero

    QM Not Work

    maybe u was matching marko and your cncnet was scared of playing the boss and keep secure you before he slaps you hard.
  6. 12-9 doesnt say much, im not for the idea of Seeing names. Its more fun for me if i dont see Name and faction.
  7. maybe u guys can continue this tournament this year christmas?
  8. really? i know u from xwis. u was one of this noob basher "pros". stay out of my topic kid. Admins: Please close and delete this topic.
  9. kid if u salty cuz no noob bashing on this server stay out of my report. its part of game? if u cant handle losing dont play it man.
  10. Gun_Man team was losing win4ester is right. i think your tournament wont work here cuz QM modus now. maybe ppl like marko would play it if there is some money to win. gl win4ester
  11. Ok then sorry on jsds but warm this kid please
  12. Other Report mindwar says its him BTW he was in Lobby After this Games. Im sure if he isnt it he would answer ages ago and crying why we think He is it.
  13. i played that guy 2 games and 2 games he cryed hard and dc and connect, dc and connect. u please warm him? looks like he cant handle losing.... he did same to justin and many others https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/8254-jsds-dcing-the-horror/
  14. my answer is no because i dont care who i am playing, i agree with marko. i wont make ppl panic when they see and realize they playing a legend like me.
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