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  1. Jeen

    Chinese pushers

    First thing andy, you can post this from your original account and there is no need to create new account just to show us how retarded are you. Finally, don't really advice you to seek for justice because if there will be one, you gonna be the one who should be banned for life from this server for the amount of reports that are against you. First report where u push Another report against you being a cheater https://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/179000-suspected-dup-accountban-dodgerebanned/ And another one proves that you are a a complete most known cheater ever. https://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/155918-rlzwan-possible-andy/ People still call you a cheater for a reason https://youtu.be/ZkzB_2TQNOY The bottom line you're a cheater and you should be banned from this server for hacking it for a year lol Now your lucky you go away with this. In csoh case since admins ban vpn, Chinese can't play and he shares his account with a friend of him. P.S. Pay the debt you own to korea u stupid fucker P. P. S create a new account and call me a cheater please.
  2. So you made a new discord after I pimped you? when will you stop making new nicks and keep pushing yourself toward rank 1? it's the 4th day of April and you have by now 4 nicks lol https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/4-2019/yr/player/[MH]InSaNe https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/4-2019/yr/player/EngiGod https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/4-2019/yr/player/Scapegoat https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/4-2019/yr/player/Elysium Is the equation you use 1 day = 1 nick? or 1 lose = 1 nick? Get a life scum , I owned you as Yuri (your best faction) Now it is the time for you to be retired honey! ( get it in your bike)
  3. Clan Dominant Players : JEEN and Tim
  4. I love Russian tournaments, it is done smoothly. I won't participate sadly. P. S. Andy I'd suggest you just quit because you can't use double engi ifvs or seals in that map. Or are you broke for the $30? You would get smashed.
  5. Jeen

    CnC is keep crashing

    So I keep getting this issue whenever I minimize the client and do something else. Check the attachment for more detail How can I fix this?
  6. if it will take place in cnc , sure I can bring mate and we will play.
  7. I was travelling and now just back where I see andy gettin rank 1 with an obvious push. Does that indicate ppl can push and get away with it because I see admins did nothing.
  8. I played this game since 2011 and I personally believe the best player and the toughest one is latof, he's extremely tough yet skilled with unbelievable defense skills. Basically latof was extremely good 1v1 and 2v2 (played Vs and With him so many times so I can tell ) no one ever since i joined xwis beat latof a single series (bo9) except marko and tim. Also he's unlike marko who sux at 2v2s. (99% of the players nowadays if you defeat their rush you'd pretty much win the game but if you could beat latof's desos then you would win the game) that picture was in my mind until I saw The God " moon3 " and let's be realistic he's the god himself of this game IMO. just check out his videos in youtube. there are moments in ra2/Yr where you can tell from observing some games that it's a 100% lose and then it's a WIN. Thats work for moon3 The bottom line is ( 1st moon3 , 2nd Latof )
  9. it's a nice idea 1) definitely yes 2) Yeah I will 3) Fucking hell NOOOO ( imagine ico0 the semi- avg noob take yuri and participate in the tourney? anyway I am suck with yuri so i don't agree as most of the ppl come from the ra2 world) 4) I agree with your opinion (they should play in a separate group and the winner will get a slot in the main competition) 5) I am fine with the time you mentioned
  10. Jeen

    Clan ladder

    having a clan ladder would definitely boost the activity , I also agree with matt and gun-man. i'd like also to donate if you're serious about this.There are so many players from other servers like Xwis and Gr who want this to happen. I didn't like my experience in 1v1s ladder and I personally Find 2v2s much much more Fun in comparison to a boring typical 1v1 (Sov vs Sov) aka ( dogs vs dogs). So, I'm curious to what are the obstacles of not having a clan ladder?
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