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  1. That wasn't actual gameplay But thanks for the info. I'll see what I can do on my side. Shame I don't have a huge monitor...
  2. highest possible res even with Ares before it crashes: 2560x1600.
  3. That's odd. Last time I played around with CnCNet (or XWIS or the GAMEMD from TFD for that matter) 1600 was the max height... Unless it has something to do with fullscreen being limited. But apparently the game can't handle displaying more cameos than the 1600 height allows... Could you provide a screenie?
  4. Whenever you run RA2YR (or even TS), can you set the resolution of at least 2560x1600? If so, do you have a resolution option that increases the 2560 width but not the 1600 height? Does that option work? How far can you widden the resolution without increasing the height of 1600? Note: Included MO, TI and DTA because they use the TS/YR engine, and so are included in this question. It's a question of engine limits.
  5. What happened to Dune 2k? Is Emperor alright too?
  6. Question: what footage/video is allowed and what isn't? Is Single-player allowed? Is skirmish good enough? Does it have to be multiplayer with only humans or is an AI or 2 allowed? You didn't specify.
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