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  1. Haha no it was Red Alert for me today but you made TD sound inviting so I'm going to bump that up on my list to jump into next
  2. Aha so like my first match since coming back that i had today, not the best experience. I didnt pay attention and the match started on max speed, unlimited credoits, and some whacky rules, I was frantic trying to figure out what to do haha. It was kind of fun but, not good for shaking of my rust. It was hard finding a standard match today too But I'm sure there's plenty of them to be found, and there's some people I've scheduled matches with so there's that. But i now understand a lot better what the situation is like. Something definitely should be implemented. A lot of cool people playing though, which is always nice
  3. This is awesome! I suppose I can help add video content by streaming and commentating on matches, and providing videos of replays.
  4. Good input. " The settings are mostly locked: Unit count: 0 Credits: 5000-10000 (optional) Bases: on Tiberium: on Crates: off Separate helipad: optional Cap the Flag: off MCV redeploy: off " You said they were mostly locked, which confused me :P
  5. I see. " no mass tib blocking attack paths " I could actually see a lot of strategy with that, denies infantry, but allows vehicles, among other things. Like, a flank of infantry and a few vehicles to start the flank, then the massive vehicle flank crosses the tib field. I mean a lot could be done, that's one example. I mean what's been discussed so far seems like it should be implemented right away. I can't foresee any issues from this, and nothing negative from community feedback. It's not like it'll hurt anything, you know? Also, are all lobbies like that with locked options? I hope not
  6. In game advertising could help. At least, from my experience anyway
  7. The lobbies or forum? I guess my real question is.....you can click links now via cncnet client?
  8. Maybe have a label, that you can mouse hover over for further explanation, that explains it and shows simply? For example: -Fun Map (Hover Over For Details) -Competitive Map (Hover ov blah blah) Maps could default "Uncategorized" until a mod or someone decides what it should fall under.
  9. Oh man I better start shelling out maps ASAP then. I see what you mean though, I remember those old days....and I remember a few years ago on cncnet as well. My first match back somebody spammed v2s and won, with nothing but v2s........I forget what happened exactly, I think it was a modded map, or a vanilla balance change that needed to be fixed. Anyway, thank cleared up a lot for me, and I'll check out those links (even though I already know how to balance maps, there's always something that can be learned!)
  10. Sorry for the topic necro.......not sure why I got notified of something new here.......just realized what I quoted was from 2013. Weird. ----- Ah that's a shame! I would love to see this mod. Are there any videos or anything? If you want help bringing it back to life, maybe I could help?
  11. OpenRA is dying, and it's because of the frauds and shady people who maintain thing's and run the show. More and more people are leaving OpenRA because the behavior and attitude and (lack of) people skills, coupled with making changes to the game against the communities wishes, among many other reasons.........OpenRA will be dead soon. Best bet is to take the source code and start your own thing with it, like SoScared is doing, something I may do one day
  12. Wait, it's been a while since I've been on cncnet, and haven't looked at it recently......there's options for these things now for the vanilla games? I guess I'm confused as to what is going on exactly.
  13. Just quickly threw this map pack together. When I have some time to dedicate to picking out some of my more quality stuff, I'll throw together a new map pack. These are maps (and/or map-mods) for OpenRA, as examples of what I plan to bring over to CnCNet. However, this is just a small portion, and will show more later on. As promised, here you go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1asfYNudGATuZSFqmwexbWGT6ZHzwHnL7
  14. cn2mc: you know, OpenRA is the absolute worst community I ever had the displeasure of being in, and it sucks, because most are good/cool people, but the small group of scumbags really ruin the atmosphere. It seems like people are leaving faster and faster, and I love it. It deserves to die off, or at least be handled by people worthy of life. The current "maintainers" do not deserve to live on this planet. I can't even begin to say all that happened. The greatest drama of all time. In fact, it's the only gaming community I've ever had problems with, and I've been in many.... . . AcromaticWhite: If you're interested I could help you learn. I should make a map pack and upload it here for openRA for people to check out. might do that tomorrow. Thank you . . fir3worx: Yes, hopefully I can be a nice addition! And, thank you . . kilkakan: thank you!
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