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  1. Not me. It is someone else who is suffering from some form of mental disorder.
  2. Well, it looks like you know the key to victory. Just use your tactics and you will win. Only, I'm afraid you will be disappointed. And with this strategy you will be a noob.
  3. It was 135, now it's 114. I don't care, but apparently, someone else cares about this. Probably, the psyche is not in order. This is ridiculous..
  4. Just kidding.. When I met a cheater and wrote about it, you told me that I am noob.
  5. it's just a modded map 😁
  6. This map has good 2v2v2v2 games. And when all players are good. In this case, it turns into geopolitics. Power balance, situational alliances. This is extremely interesting. You just need to understand the essence of this confrontation. On this map, RA2 turns into a 100% strategy. Whereas most of the tank battles on CNCNET are more like an arcade. Not all players will like this map, but there are enough people who understand the essence of the game here. Games are long here. There are no fast games on Oceania. But, for example, I like long games. And I found friends who like it too. Different people, different preferences.
  7. I think the main problem here is the lack of time to implement this. As I understand it, the guys at cncnet are unpaid volunteers. And make changes in their spare time.
  8. This is a good idea. These are meager amounts of information. Much less than maps.
  9. I believe that the power of the reactor should not be reduced. This is what I wanted to say in this post. I agree about underutilized units. Let's reduce the price of chrono legionaire to 1200. And increase the range of the Destroyer Tank and Tesla Tank.
  10. I risk sounding like a braggart, but do you know how much work I put into a map of Oceania? Just for understanding, I'll tell you that there are 5200 trees on this map. And I put absolutely every tree by hand and saw if it looked good in this place, and then I removed it, moved it a few cells to the side and then moved on to another tree. And so I did with stones and spots on the grass and in general with everything else. I even made water by hand. There is no overlap of one tile of water on another. I also thought carefully about every game moment on the map. I tested so that aircraft carriers could reach each bunker, so that the centers of the bays would not be shot through by prisms, and the passages to them would be shot through, I carefully designed each small island, planned how the struggle would take place on it. I thought carefully about all the distances between the islands. I have every reason to be proud of this creation of mine. And you just added a few gold tiles to someone else's map and write your name there.
  11. If I were you, I would not have indicated my name there at all in such cases. I would just note that the map is "modified", or "balanced". You understand the fact that sooner or later your name will still be removed from there. If not now, then in 5 or 10 years. You have not immortalized yourself for centuries by writing your name there. At some point, some guy will see your name there and think "WTF?" And just erase it.
  12. Maybe it have to be: " Author: Westwood (modifier by ravage) or (mod by ravage) or (edt. by ravage)". Or just "Author: Westwood (modified)" But writing "Author: Westwood, RaVaGe" is wrong. Because you are not an author, but a modifier. And whatever you said about "and or &", but "," means the same thing. And when you write that the author of the Urban Rush or Meat Grinder map is Westwood, RaVaGe, it means that you are, as it were, the author of this map, although this is not true. There are some minimal changes made in 30 minutes. Do you think this is enough to identify yourself as the author of the map?
  13. If you are the best map maker, then give examples of maps that you created, not "pro edited". And you didn't answer about Dune Patrol2 and Dont Mock The Crocks. What exactly had you "pro edit" there? Because it looks like the authors of these maps had to write your name there in order to get to the list of cncnet client maps.
  14. Look yourself at the maps before and after, which you gave an example. This is essentially the same maps. Several new cliffs have appeared. Ore has appeared in a new location. Do you think that's enough to write your name on the map? I believe that this is not nearly enough. Maybe you have a certain painful desire to mark as many things as possible with your name? I am convinced that you could write that you modified these maps inside the map file. But not in the line Author. Because you are not the author of these maps. You just drew some rocks and put the ore. What was ProEdit in Dune patrol map? Or dont mock the crocks? These are very simple maps. Dont Mock the Crocks is such an ugly map that I don’t understand at all how it could end up in the client. It looks like just a daub. And there are some Westwood maps that don't look altered at all, even though your name is there. I understand that you are actively involved in the life of the community, but this does not mean that you cannot be criticized for obvious problems. Write your name on the maps you drew yourself. But do not write your name on maps that you are not the author of. Because Urban Rush will never become a Ravages map, it just looks silly. @RaVaGe
  15. At this stage of the game, the alliance has mirages, which are problematic for the Soviets to deal with. Allies have gap generators, prisms. Do you want to take power from the reactor? Then add the gap generators to the Soviet ones. Thus, you will come to the warcraft2 model, where the sides have units that are identical in properties, but different in appearance.
  16. No trolling. I'm just describing where this all leads. The main thing in this activity is to get started. The rest will happen ..
  17. I would also suggest making it impossible for players who have formed an alliance to take control of each other's units with Yuri. This leads to the Soviets being able to spy easily, capturing their ally's spies with Yuri.
  18. I only want to discuss changes to the base game here, not a patch. And such changes that will be unambiguous, as I said. Bug fixes and others. That will not cause controversy. All these proposals, after agreement, I can add to the first post so that they can be implemented into the game. I can add all these suggestions to the first post so that they can be implemented into the game.
  19. With such an abundance of great ideas, the rebalancing patch will quickly turn into an unused thrash. Probably, this is how the final of this venture should be .. But, I don't mind. this patch is very useful as a valve for releasing steam from a lot of accumulated ideas
  20. I have tested. Elite flak trooper is weaker. Here is video that shows it too.
  21. By making these changes, we risk losing the game. It will become some other game. My wish is to pay more attention to the restoration of lost functions, like the psi sensor, or the correct spreading of ore. Or really necessary changes, like pinning the unit to one point. And all these changes here - they are controversial. I admit that they may exist as a rebalance patch, but are not included in the main game. The changes to the main game should be undeniably good and no doubt about it.
  22. But maps are already being created for YR. It is already impossible to play them in the original RA2. Even my Oceania and Black Sea are designed for CNCNET. Oceania has over 100 waypoints and triggers using waypoints in excess of this number do not work correctly in the original RA2. And on the Black Sea there are barriers that are not supported by the original RA2. I am convinced that now CNCNET sets the standards for Red Alert 2. Potential future projects will rely on the CNCNET base.
  23. why you changed my message? These values are exactly what lead to the problem. Players start making money by simply reselling Tanya.
  24. Rocketeer costs 600, Patriot costs 1000. Imagine that 10 rocketeers are attacking a base where 3 patriots are stationed. The attack will be easily deflected. At the same time, the attacker will lose all 6000 entirely, and the defender, with an initial investment of 3000 (half of the cost of rocketeers), will lose 1 patriot in a bad scenario (1000). The ratio is 6 to 1. This is at the initial cost of the defender 1/2 of the costs of the attacker. The numbers are scalable.
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