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  1. I rarely use rocketeers. Usually attacking an enemy base with rocketeers is more costly to the attacker than to the one being attacked. Will increasing the power of the patriots lead to the abandonment of using rocketeers?
  2. I propose in this thread to discuss changes to the game, with which everyone will agree. For example, fixing bugs. Or any other solutions that will not cause controversy. I suggest guys from the team to make these changes if no objection is raised. To make changes with unanimous approval. ------------------------------------------------------------ For example, I have some kind of wish. In RA2 mode, some civil buildings from YR are missing. It would be nice if you add them for RA2 too. On some maps, in RA2 mode, for example, bunkers located with the back to the observer simply disappear. Also you could use additional buildings to create maps. For example, I wanted to use a spotlight and a water tower for decorative purposes on checkpoints, on the the Black Sea map. However, they were absent in RA2 mode. And I had to give up this idea. It's the same with bunkers. I could only use 2 instead of 4. Adding buildings to RA2 has no drawbacks, only advantages. I am sure there will be no objection. This change is only positive. ------------------------------------------------------------- Another no-objection solution might be fixing a bug with the elite flak trooper, that becoming weaker than the regular flak trooper. It have to be: [FlakGuyAAGunE] Damage=20 -------------------------------------------------------------- There is also a problem with Yuri Prime in RA2 mode, which can control 10 units at a time, while in the original RA2 he can control only 1. Definitely 10 controlled units is wrong, it makes the game run out of chance for the opposing side. The value in the original RA2 is correct. Should be: [SuperMindControl] Damage = 1 -------------------------------------------------------------- There is also a problem with selling alliance units in cloning vats in RA2 mode. It is profitable. This shouldn't happen. The "Soylent =" parameters were corrected in rulesmd.ini, however, not corrected in rules.ini for RA2 mode. Here it is necessary to bring the "Soylent =" parameters in accordance with the rulesmd.ini (YR). [CLEG] Soylent=750 [E1] Soylent=100 [PTROOP] Soylent=500 [SNIPE] Soylent=300 [SPY] Soylent=500 [TANY] Soylent=500 --------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Made 2 versions of Oceania for 2v2 fights. We needed it for the tournament. Perhaps someone will also come in handy. All resources and buildings have been removed from the extra islands. [4] Oceania 2x2 diagonal v3.4A (CCCP84).map [4] Oceania 2x2 v3.4A (CCCP84).map
  4. Yes, of course, players who are used to YR will say that GI are weak in RA2. But in fact, the troopers demolish the building in 2 seconds in YR. This is completely illogical and wrong. It is also pointless to fight with tanks against them. I'm talking about the broken balance between units, not the habits of the players.
  5. What can I say about GI .. When playing RA2, I quite often noted for myself that the GIs in RA2 are very well balanced. Their damage is exactly what is required. You can fight them with tanks, but at the same time, if the control is unsuccessful, you can lose the tank. You can shoot them by IFV from afar, but if you get closer, they will cause significant damage to this, but at the same time, there is a chance to escape. They do enough damage to buildings. They are just perfectly balanced. But in YR, for some reason I don't understand, this balance was rudely destroyed. The GIs are absolutely owerpowered here. I don't play YR, but if you want to make YR more balanced, just make the GIs Identical to the GIs from RA2. They are perfect there.
  6. Each side has its own strengths and weaknesses. The alliance has gap generators, prisms, mirages. And the air defense of the alliance is more effective against the Kirovs. The game was meant to be. I do not see any problems in the air defense of the alliance. All the players, attacking me only with rocketeers, were defeated. This tactic is bad. Such players lost more resources with this kind of attacks and lost. Because the air defense of the alliance is quite effective.
  7. I don’t understand, would it be a pleasure that you wrote your name on someone else’s map? Moreover, everyone knows that Ravage did not make these maps. This is more of a shame than pride.
  8. I'm not sure if changes are needed. The Alliance has rocketeers as good air defense. In combination with ground systems, the overall air defense of the Alliance looks more than sufficient. In addition, the IFV is rapidly becoming elite, and is becoming a very formidable weapon. I specifically put Tanya in IFV and kill the troops to make it elite.
  9. now Ravage is the most massive author in CnCNet. Taking into account the number of maps the author of which is Ravage, it's time to award him the title of Hero of Labor.
  10. now in credits it is no longer said so. now the author of the map is just Westwood and Ravage
  11. The biggest thing I like is when Ravage takes a Westwood studio map and removes a few gold tiles there then writes that this is a Westwood and Ravage map. it looks like a joke, but in the list of official maps in the client, many Westwood maps in the line "author" contain Ravage and Westwood. Imagine a situation when Vasya takes a picture of Mona Lisa and draws her mustache. After that he signs the painting "Vasya and Leonardo da Vinci". We Russians have several irreducible expressions that describe this situation well. I'll just say that it looks quite cheap and shows a low level of culture. I think that you guys should get rid of this silly absurdity. Ravage does this not only with westwood maps but also with maps of other authors too. Apparently at a certain time this was one of the conditions for getting into the official list of maps. earlier in the author line was also indicated that Ravage (proedited Map). Now they got rid of these excesses and there it is written without unnecessary additions: the author is "Ravage and Westwood". I think if this goes on in the future, it will be possible to simply get rid of Westwood and to write that the author of the map is Ravage. I once already created a topic about this:
  12. Guys, just play RA2 and no problems with useless and disbalanced units.
  13. I am sure that all players will agree with me because many players have encountered this problem. I understand that there may be technical difficulties because here you need to dig into the game files, but maybe someone from the team will be able to do it. In the final alert 2 there is a function when you pin the units that you place to one place. the parameter is called sticky. this may be the key to solving this problem
  14. I also noticed a bug. when you press the guard button on the bottom panel then the prism simply stops to react to enemies and does not shoot at them. it would be nice if you would instead have this function pin the prism to one spot. because often I have a problem Like when I leave the prism to guard the dolphin on the cliff. while the enemy Dolphin swims past, Prism tries to chase it and leaves the position. This is very bad. If you guys could replace this useless non-working function on the bottom panel with a function that would pin the Unit to one place and prevent it from moving anywhere it would just be Five Stars. this is exactly what this game really needs. @burg93
  15. guys, you have to understand that the prism is a special tool against buildings. that is how it was intended. do not try to make it a unit against vehicles. a prism is a narrowly specialized assault weapon. it is perfectly balanced and does not need correction.
  16. we love to play with spies. it's part of the game. we also place guard dogs. espionage turns into an exciting special operation. it's fun.
  17. I got it. but, i'm disappointed that it doesn't work. I was hoping to fix the psi sensor
  18. what make you laugh, dude?
  19. it doesn't detect anything at all. I checked
  20. The ore is sometimes spread over a radius of up to 3 tiles. But rarely. Usually 1. Obviously, the mechanism is not working as it should. It would be great if the team could fix it.
  21. How can you switch the mining logic in the map? I would like to try. Perhaps we played on a server where the admin changed the mining logic in this way in the RA2 version for that server? But it is obviously correct for the ore to accumulate over the time the drill is working.
  22. It is important to understand that this problem is not related to the speed of ore mining, but is related to the stopping of mining when the nearest 8 tiles are full. So if the miner does not mine near one of the drills for some time, this is a direct loss of money. Obviously it doesn't have to be that way. I checked version 1.006 (not CNCNET). There, the problem also exists. But I remember very well that sometimes we played Tsunami, and ore accumulated, spread and the layer increased, and the island without a player eventually became a desired prey with large deposits of ore. This is how it should be. It was so many years ago. Perhaps we were still playing through Hamachi at that time.
  23. Do you know what is the best weapon against rocketeers? Rocketeers! ))
  24. Do the guys have any desire to tackle that problem? It still needs a solution.
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