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  1. Guys, thanks for the advice. I actually reinstalled the game and the client and it works. I'm an idiot, I should have guessed it myself. It's as simple as that. Thanks one more time.
  2. I installed the drivers from the manufacturer's official website .. I also discovered that when launching yuri revenge, not through CNCNET, there are no buttons in the menu. Despite the fact that if you install the game for the first time, they are there, but after the next launch they disappear.
  3. Installed Windows 10, now when i press the menu button during the game, the game freezes. Before that there was Windows 7, everything worked fine. How to solve?
  4. Why i cant start new topic? I press button to post it, but nothing happens.. p.s.: ok now..
  5. What I am using is this program: https://www.highrez.co.uk/downloads/xmousebuttoncontrol.htm Wheel up - fix. Wheel down - sell. It's really cool and convenient. I recommend it to everyone.
  6. Bad idea. Then the weak players will attack each other, while the strong player will accumulate strength and kill everyone. On the contrary, we try to attack everyone in the game so that all teams are angry with us and attack us first. Otherwise it's a very boring game. Of course, if the players are noobs. The best game is when all teams are strong. Players need to know who they are playing with and plan which team to attack first. This is the interest of the game 2v2v2v2.
  7. Interesting fact. The progenitor of the Black Sea map is the Rush2 map. Since the Black Sea is a version of Treasure Island map, which is the sea version of the Diamont Quarry map, which in turn is inspired by the Rush2. If this map did not exist, the Black Sea map would not exist either ) [4] Rush2 (Shivp).map By the way, this is a very good map. It was more popular than Tour of Egypt on the Russian server. Very interesting battles took place here. Unfortunately it has some slope problems. Strange, but on CNCNET it is completely unknown. Although, in my opinion, it deserves to be official.
  8. I make maps for Red Alert 2
  9. In the end, you were able to implement the "NO Yuri / No France" function as it is implemented in RA2 mode. This is a beautiful solution. πŸ‘ Hope my advice helped a little. 😊
  10. This is an interesting idea! In fact, I don't really like all of these mods. But if there is already a rebalance patch, then why not organize competition between such patches from different authors. So that players can choose. And create a topic on the forum with a vote on which patch is better.. And so that these ini mods are loaded like new maps. And so that you can delete them in the menu. Of course, I think that this is not so simple and will require a lot of work.. And I will once again remind you of some of the problems that no doubt need to be fixed. Moreover, not in a patch, but for the main game. A bug with the elite flak trooper, that becoming weaker than the regular flak trooper. It have to be: [FlakGuyAAGunE] Damage=20 -------------------------------------------------------------- There is also a problem with Yuri Prime in RA2 mode, which can control 10 units at a time, while in the original RA2 it can control only 1. Definitely 10 controlled units is wrong, it makes the game run out of chance for the opposing side. The value in the original RA2 is correct. Should be: [SuperMindControl] Damage = 1 -------------------------------------------------------------- There is also a problem with selling alliance units in cloning vats in RA2 mode. It is profitable. This shouldn't happen. The "Soylent =" parameters were corrected in rulesmd.ini, however, not corrected in rules.ini for RA2 mode. Here it is necessary to bring the "Soylent =" parameters in accordance with the rulesmd.ini (YR). [CLEG] Soylent=750 [E1] Soylent=100 [PTROOP] Soylent=500 [SNIPE] Soylent=300 [SPY] Soylent=500 [TANY] Soylent=500
  11. I also like the no spy option. Because I always play with spies and some players get offended when I spy on their buildings. Now everyone will initially see that the game is with the presence of spies. And there will be no misunderstandings. Now everything will be more straightforward. This option can only be welcomed πŸ‘
  12. Oceania 2.8A version is similar in parameters to Storm 3.0S and Black Sea 1.8
  13. Psi sensor is broken in RA2 mode, because of using YR game engine.
  14. However, some land battles are foreseen in Oceania. You see, the V3 rocket is a heavy ballistic missile with a long range. It was well conceived by the Red Alert developers (it is inherited from Red Alert 1). I simply returned its function to this rocket in the form in which it was conceived. The Soviet side itself is rather limited in armaments in red alert 2. They have no prisms and mirages. And this rocket is becoming an important assault tool. I was simply obliged to return this weapon to the game. Oceania has protected fortresses in the corners, just as there are in the Black Sea. players can take cover there when their main territory is occupied. This fortified area is very difficult to take by storm. Especially if the defending player is an alliance, and the attacker is a Soviet one. This missile can help the Soviets in this. Conversely, a Soviet player, locked in a corner and limited in resources, can strike from afar at enemy targets on the main part of the island. And this kind of struggle is really used in battles. I could observe it myself and participate in such a struggle. Without this rocket, the assault on the fortified area by the Soviets will be extremely difficult. The same applies to the sheltered high ground on the central island. I don't like mods myself. But these changes were dictated by the need and made after a huge gaming experience on this map. I made everything look as close as possible to the original gameplay. In fact, only this rocket can be spotted by players with differences. You cannot distinguish Kirov from the original, even knowing that it has been changed.
  15. this is not a mod. This is just a bug Fixes. But if you don't like naval targeting and psi-sensor just use version 3.0
  16. These mods are not the mods that people usually mean. These are minor range and armor adjustments. Just adaptation for a specific map.
  17. have you played oceania? Did you use a V3 rocket or Kirov in an unmodified version?
  18. This is a great idea. To implement it, it is necessary to make the ranking system in the client. Just statistics. The number of games completed. Number of victories. Number of defeats. Rank (wins / losses * 100) When you hover over a player's name, the rank should be displayed along with the ping. So, you can see what kind of player is going to start the game with you. This is an idea for the guys for future versions of the client.
  19. No problem. Here it is. [8] Storm v3.5 (CCCP84).map
  20. Now official! Added to CNCNET client with update 8.3 You can find it in the "Mod Maps" section, since the map has small mods of several units.
  21. Now official! Added to CNCNET client with update 8.3 You can find it in the "Mod Maps" section.
  22. Now official! Added to CNCNET client with update 8.3 You can find it in the "Mod Maps" section, since the map has small mods of several units.
  23. Hey dude, now I can see that you included these maps in the update. That's cool. I think it's not a problem that these maps are in the "mod" category. Players who are interested can always find them there. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βœŒοΈ These are great maps. 3 of my best that I'm proud of. Hey guys, now I practically have my own section in the CNCNET client. )) My maps there take up half of all maps there ☺️
  24. As for the Black Sea map, it does not have these mods. All unit parameters are completely standard there. There are some modifications of civilian units that act as an obstacle on the bridge. But that doesn't apply to gameplay. Black sea shouldn't be controversial, I think. As for Oceania and Storm, I will explain my position again. Long distances on the map result that Kirov and V3 rocket being excluded from the gameplay. Their original parameters are just fine for Black Sea and for many other maps, but not for these two. In their original state, they are absolutely useless there. The V3 rocket cannot reach even the second half of the large island by firing from the first half. Its original range looks ridiculous on this map. Kirov also. It takes ages to take it to another island. Moreover, its original speed appeared to be reduced on this map. It seems to the players that it is slowed down. This effect is created by the size of the map. Therefore, no player will ever notice changes in the speed of the Kirov. The main notable difference is the V3 range. But even after increasing range, the rocket can only reach the nearest small islands and no further, firing from the main island. As for the briefing. I myself wanted to add a briefing to my maps, but this feature is implemented badly in CNCNET. The briefing closes the map preview, it just disfigures the map in the lobby. I'm sure you should redo this function. We need to make a separate "briefing" button under the map preview. And so that only after clicking on it, the briefing appears in the form in which it is now. But by default, the briefing should not close the map preview. If you do so, I will be happy to add a briefing to my maps. Now I'll explain why I don't want my maps to be added to the client without my unit adjustments. This will lead to the fact that we will still play the version from the "Standard" section with my corrections. Maps from the "battle" section will be unclaimed. Although some players will play them, in this case, some units will be excluded from the gameplay. I would not like that. Can I ask for a small exception for my maps, given that my changes are not very significant? No new weapons or units, just some range change for V3. The rest will be unnoticed by the players. As you mentioned, I have been very careful about the details of the map, having thought through every detail carefully. Also, I have carefully thought through the changes to some units, making the gameplay on these maps perfect. Also, you may have noticed how conservative I am about making changes to the original game. Now you can understand that I would not make unnecessary modifications. All the changes were due to the need to return some previously useless units here in the gameplay. In the game, everything looks quite standard. Players will not be confused. All these changes do not need any clarification. And as I said, they will often be simply unnoticed by the players. If you want, I can go into the game with you and test Kirov, for example. You will not see the changes. And Kirov will not reach anywhere if only one Aegis goes to intercept it.
  25. Thanks dude. I do not collect reputation. I just noticed this interesting fact.
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