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  1. Thanks a lot, now it works. When I wrote "IMAGE" in capital letters, it didn't work. Apparently, you only need to write 'Image ", the first capital letter, the rest of the lowercase letters. Looks really better. Thank you. What other unit images are there in RA2? Is there a complete list? How to find out?
  2. Released ver 2.0 Fixed a bug that does not allow attacking submarine units in any way. Partially solved problem with Psychic Sensor in RA2 mode.
  3. I partially solved the problem. In the part that deals with the definition of submarine units. This is important because all my maps are for naval battles. The solution is quite interesting. I gave the building a unit, which is a sensor: [NAPSIS] FreeUnit=WINI [WINI] Image=MRJ Cost=1 Armor=heavy Speed=0 UIName=Submarine Detection Module Sensors=yes Strength=350 Selectable=no SensorsSight=13 ImmuneToPsionics=yes ImmuneToRadiation=yes I worked on making the psychosensor explode when destroyed, and detonate the attached unit with it. But then I discovered that for some unknown and completely illogical reason, the unit ceases to see underwater units when the psychosensor is sold or destroyed. This is definitely some kind of bug, but luckily it works to our advantage in this case. Of course, extra tile is involved by additional unit, and perhaps some aesthetic nuances, but these are not very big inconveniences, compared to a non-working psychosensor. Moreover, the attached unit looks like some kind of additional module with equipment. So that the players do not rack their brains about why this is needed, I signed it, and when you hover over it, the text is highlighted (if this option is activated in the game settings). Another small disadvantage of this solution is that this system continues to work even after a power outage, which, of course, should not be. But, these are the costs of such a solution to the problem. We choose the lesser of two evils. Especially considering that usually the energy is not turned off. Otherwise, this system works just fine. I have already improved my maps, tomorrow I will update the versions. As for the tanks-mirages and spies - I have not solved this problem. The question remains open.
  4. Cant write there "you do not have sufficient rights to write a message."
  5. There is a problem with attacking submarine units. All ground and flying units and cannons cannot attack submarine units, when they are visible to the player. Also, they cannot be attacked by dreadnoughts and aircraft carriers. At the same time, it is impossible even forcibly targeting such units at a visible underwater target. The cursor is displayed as a crossed-out crosshair and the attack is not possible. This is definitely a bug in the game. The problem is fixed easily. In rules.ini for each corresponding unit, add the following line: NavalTargeting = 5 This will allow targeting by the player, also ground units will be able to attack underwater targets by themselves, when they are detected. I have fixed this obvious bug for my maps. But I recommend fixing the rules.ini for the whole CNCNET. In addition, I recommend adjusting the selling price of units in rules.ini so that in RA2 modes it would be impossible to earn money by cloning and selling the Infantry of alliance. In addition, fix a bug with Yuri Prime in RA2 mode, which captures 10 units, instead of the proper 1. + replacement of the missing elite dreadnought and V3 rocket explosion animation for RA2. I recommend adding all these lines for the respective units to rules.ini: [APOC] NavalTargeting=5 [ATESLA] NavalTargeting=5 [BEAG] NavalTargeting=5 [CARRIER] NavalTargeting=5 [CLEG] Pip=red Soylent=750 NavalTargeting=5 [DESO] Pip=red NavalTargeting=5 [DMISLEWH] AnimList=VTEXPLOD [DRED] NavalTargeting=5 [E1] Pip=white Soylent=100 OccupyPip=Persongreen NavalTargeting=5 [E2] Pip=white OccupyPip=Persongreen NavalTargeting=5 [FLAKT] Pip=white NavalTargeting=5 [FV] NavalTargeting=5 [GAPILL] NavalTargeting=5 [GTGCAN] NavalTargeting=5 [HARV] NavalTargeting=5 [HORNET] NavalTargeting=5 [HTK] NavalTargeting=5 [HTNK] NavalTargeting=5 [JUMPJET] NavalTargeting=5 [MGTK] NavalTargeting=5 [MTNK] NavalTargeting=5 [NALASR] NavalTargeting=5 [ORCA] NavalTargeting=5 [PTROOP] Pip=red Soylent=500 NavalTargeting=5 [SHAD] NavalTargeting=5 [SHK] Pip=white NavalTargeting=5 [SNIPE] Pip=red Soylent=300 NavalTargeting=5 [SPY] Pip=blue Soylent=500 [SREF] NavalTargeting=5 [SuperMindControl] Damage=1 [TANY] Pip=red Soylent=500 [TESLA] NavalTargeting=5 [TNKD] NavalTargeting=5 [TTNK] NavalTargeting=5 [V3] NavalTargeting=5 [V3EWH] AnimList=VTEXPLOD [YURI] Pip=red NavalTargeting=5 [ZEP] NavalTargeting=5 [CABUNK01] NavalTargeting=5 [CABUNK02] NavalTargeting=5 [CAMSC08] NavalTargeting=5 [CAMSC09] NavalTargeting=5 [CAFARM06] NavalTargeting=5 I play only RA2, so for YR the list of units to fix targeting submarine units will be larger.
  6. Apparently, the lines highlighted below should work, but they don't. [NAPSIS] UIName=Name:NAPSIS Name=Psychic Sensor BuildCat=Combat Prerequisite=NATECH,NACNST Strength=750 Armor=wood TechLevel=10 Adjacent=2 Sight=10 PsychicDetectionRadius=15 Owner=British,French,Germans,Americans,Alliance,Russians,Confederation,Africans,Arabs AIBasePlanningSide=1 ;gs 0 for Good, 1 for Evil Cost=1000 Points=50 Power=-50 Powered=true Capturable=true Crewed=yes Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 DebrisAnim=Dbris1sm,Dbris1lg,Dbris4sm,Dbris5sm,Dbris4lg,Dbris7sm,Dbris8sm,Dbris5lg,Dbris4lg MaxDebris=15 MinDebris=5 ThreatPosed=0 ; This value MUST be 0 for all building addons DamageParticleSystems=SparkSys,SmallGreySSys,BigGreySmokeSys DamageSmokeOffset=220, 390, 150 AIBuildThis=no ; ;took it out at HY's request -DB To fool the player -- it's not like it's necessary. HasRadialIndicator=true ConcentricRadialIndicator=true ; SJM: If HasRadialIndicator, use a concentric-ring effect rather than radar sweep. DetectDisguise=yes DetectDisguiseRange=15 ;Sensors=yes ;GEF buildings and units use different methods of saying that they are sensors, grumble SensorArray=yes SensorsSight=15
  7. And the same is with naval units... CNCNET RA2: Original RA2:
  8. The same happens with spyes.... CNCNET RA2: Original RA2:
  9. A rather serious problem exists in the RA2 mode on CNCNET. In the original RA2, the Soviet PsySensor unmasks mirages. This does not happen on CNCNET in RA2 mode. Example in the picture: Original RA2: RA2 mode on CNCNET: This is becoming a rather serious problem, since soviets have no way to deal with mirages in CNCNET in RA2 mode. The only option is to forcefully aim tanks at mirages, but with a large number of mirages, the player cannot quickly kill all the mirages, in this situation. The soviets become very defenseless. Can we hope for a quick solution of this problem by the CNCNET team? Or i have to try solve the problem myrself for own maps? And does such a solution exist for a separate map? Can someone tell me? The problem is very significant indeed. @Grant @RaVaGe @dkeeton
  10. See how you need to play Oceania 2 versus 6. Unfortunately, not everyone will understand what we are talking about, because we communicate in Russian, nevertheless, everything is clear without words.
  11. [22:58] ERROR :Closing Link: CCCP84 by TAL.DE.EU.GameSurge.net (Excess Flood)
  12. [21:31] ERROR :Closing Link: CCCP84 by TAL.DE.EU.GameSurge.net (Excess Flood)
  13. [20:20] ERROR :Closing Link: CCCP84 by Burstfire.UK.EU.GameSurge.net (Excess Flood)
  14. And this shit happens too often.. [20:06] ERROR :Closing Link: CCCP84 by TAL.DE.EU.GameSurge.net (Excess Flood)
  15. Quite often I come across a problem when 9 players enter the game room at the same time, and the client immediately closes with an error. This is quite annoying considering that the fully manned room is crashing. It is necessary to somehow solve this problem.
  16. Thank you, friend, for the kind words! Done
  17. This month is the anniversary of the Storm map. 5 years ago i released the first version of Storm. As you can see, the map is very raw. After this version, 20 more versions were released. Now it's interesting to compare how much the storm has changed. v1.1 v3.0S Map file: [4] Storm v1.1 (CCCP84).map
  18. Try this: Insignificant=yes sorry, didnt notise your post.. you already did it...
  19. Try "Owner=-1 RequiredHouses =-1" I dont know if it will work, but try...
  20. Иди в чан.. We was playing on my map. Oceania. I definitely did not include in it the opportunity to sell other people's buildings and build pillboxes on other people's bases ...
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