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  1. I can't find the nuclear reactor, my best landing spot 😛
  2. On map selection pick "Standart" (not Battle) then filter the map by the name, if you have it it should show.
  3. Says the old permbanned cheater.
  4. Yes, or you can check the option 'Powered' when you double click on the structure, not sure if it works tho.
  5. You can find it under Structures, you will have to power it (if it requires power).
  6. I'll add this for the sake of the time I put into it, it's a 4v4 variation of TOE, resources balanced both sides and ofc ore respawn at the same rate, just too many pyramids 🤗, I hope to see some of you guys playing it. Note: Don't kill dat Zilla! Link to download: Tour Of ZiLLa.rar
  7. How is that? do you find Heck, Jungle, Montana, Caverns, LBL, Heart mirrored? even CV isn't mirrored. Country Swing is mirrored, yet one of the most awful maps that got lot of complains because of it unfairity. Also I'm not commenting about small entrances, you will find out when no one plays it, you're more likely making a new Rakoool or Wasteland map. Easy to balance, but not as easy to create, you will have to check carefully for symmetry and that takes a huge amount to time.
  8. Try to avoid mirrored maps, also small entrances make it campy, I bet anyone who takes one of those hilled lands in the middle won't be driven out of it easily.
  9. Can you guys make the oils in the new Dry Heat a bit spaced? you auto lose both if one is destroyed.
  10. I made fun of him in a couple of sedona ffa games and made him rage quit, pretty pathetic human been.
  11. Great videos :), quality degradates when scrolling fast with the mouse, can be fixed by increasing the buffer rate, also 60 FPS FTW! (if possible) ^^
  12. No so far, however the renderers are total mess, the only working for me (TS-DDRAW) is forcing the monitor to run on 16m colors sometimes, after I log off I need to re-enable 32 bit manually.
  13. I recorded some games using nvidia shadow, no issues so far, however since the last update alt+tab is causing a major problem, some newbs are using it to make games laggy.
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