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Issue with Yuri balance patch


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Hello guys,

I decided to organise the tournament, link here  




But I'm having a trouble. As a new rule for the tournament, I decided to allow using only "Balanced version" of Yuri fraction. It seems to be a good idea, to motivate players to test balanced version of Yuri, so people could see, if its good or bad, and promote this patch.


Unfortenately, while testing this balanced version, participants of the future tournament found an issue. MCV's are getting destroyes by a single launch of Dreadnought or Boomer Submarine. I'm not joking, 1 single launch is enough to turn it into trash.

That seems rediculos, because it changes gameplay so much. Battles on Tournament B will end up building of a Dreadnoughts from both players. 

I'm asking you to answer, is it just a mistake of creator of the patch, or is he really serious about that? I thought that patch only contains Yuri characteristics changes, but now it seems, like not only...  

If it is the mistake, can you fix that until 14th of September, or I will have to change rules, and balanced version of the Yuri fraction will not be allowed to use any more. It would be very unfortenate for me, to refuse from idea, of allowing the use of "Balanced Yuri". My tournament could become of a good promotion campaign for this balance patch.

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I don't recommend using the Yuri Balance patch for competitive games such as tournaments, because that patch is aimed at casual players.
Some further imbalances were revealed during recent testing of the Yuri faction, which I won't mention here right now to prevent abuse of the patch.

Regarding the damage of the Boomer and Dreadnought missiles, according to @Lud0wig it's a side-affect of the bunker penetrating feature that was added to these weapons, to allow them to destroy the units inside tank bunkers.



I did a test removing PenetratesBunker=yes from Boomer's weapon warheads without the tag, it does normal damage with it enabled, it destroys ANY structure in max 2 shots


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Can you fix it somehow? 

Friend from CIS community says, that to fix this issue, you have to:


Move WH of the rockets completely (or partialy, with the multiplier)
[DMISLWH] and all lines transfer to .ini file of the patch, the most simple option, and for other rockets and elite also 

And you can leave the option of damaging vehicles in tank bunker (to add string, to be exact), and it will work.


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@RaVaGe @Lud0wig

6 hours ago, Lud0wig said:

The issue has been fixed in 5.4 (released just a few hours ago)


Guys, thank you for the good job. You've done very well fixing this bug. I wish your efforts about bringing balance in the game will not pass in a vain, and upcoming tournament will get more attention to your project, bring more fans, testers, and motivate you not to quit your project, but develop it further, until the game will be fully balanced and playable on competitive scene.

If you will need any help, feel free to tell me, and I'll do my best to provide it for you. 

Also, I invite you both on my tournament, that will start tomorrow 17:00 Moscow time. Evin though you are not russian speaking players, me and alexeyk will do our best, to provide you support, answer all necessary questions about the tournament, so you could feel yourself confident, without understanding my native language.

Goodluck to you guys :)

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