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Are the first three C&C still considered freeware?



Hey, so I want to recommend the classic C&Cs to some people I know, and they may be more likely to try it if it's free. However, while the first free C&C games were released as freeware, the primary sources of downloads are down, the only way is through 3rd party mirrors and the C&C Ultimate Collection includes them for a price. So are the first three games still considered freeware?

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Yes. Have some sources:


A detailed answer to exactly this question on the EA Answers board:



Screenshot of the official website in 2007, stating that the fact EA no longer hosts the files does not mean you're not allowed to download them anymore:



Screenshot of the actual explicit confirmation that C&C1 is freeware, given by EA Apoc on the official C&C boards back in 2007:



The official download page EA had for all three games, back in 2010:


As you can see, it specifically says "freeware downloads".


(The archived version actually has working downloads, but the cncnet installers are far superior, for reasons mentioned in the above EA Answers thread)


I hope that answers your question :)

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