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Do you guys think it would be a good idea to have dedicated trainers for games to help newbies improve?

A guy on CnCNet discord was asking for a bit of training and I know other games have trainers. Now that we have 2-3 times as many players maybe it makes sense?

What's the feedback on this idea?

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well, i guess if getting used to the units and controls via skirmish still isnt enough, there are co-op and survival maps, and also other competitive game maps to practice on. aside from that, theres people that record the gameplay that other people can watch. 
i dont really know if you could get people to volunteer their time to 'train other people', and even then literally how would someone go about that?

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You are not in control of this concept. We will try to get a consensus from the community and its feedback and go from there. There was no need to act like a wall. Sometimes it is better to build bridges.

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I think the idea of people in an official capacity (staff) spending their time to play against and train noobs is silly

I think having custom maps that simulate 1v1 behaviour with a lot of variety, no cheating ai, plenty of rhino spam with the occasional engi terror flak, miners being targeted with the ability to retreat, regroup and go in again once the ai "knows" it's outgunned would be a great addition to the community and could help noobs out

Begs, the question, who wants these maps? - I wouldn't mind them personally, but personally I'm not phased either way.

People like these things because they can keep their ego in tact - They don't like loosing games over and over and avoid 1v1 games. The premise is about protecting egos rather than confront another player that may or may not be more skilled then them. - Maybe our egos ore the issue here? ?

(I always maintain that we should be incredibly encouraging to noobs and never try to dissuade their participation - over time they will improve naturally. You can always tell them about hotkeys, videos to watch, strategies to play or look out for etc - {this is my ethos, I'm not compelling speech here, you do you} If there are more noobs, they can learn from each other )

However, staying on point, it begs again the question, who, will MAKE these maps?? 

I think having an AI simulate human behaviour to such a degree with the limitation of a game that's 20+ years old is another story and would take quite the mapping skillset to create such pieces of work

Of course, once you can defeat the ai, are you no longer a "noob"? Does this set the benchmark? A standard to rate players? Contentiousness will always be there - The map maker may also be subject to scrutiny in 1 way or another depending on how "real" or how "good" it can simulate these behaviours

There is the alternative, having a bot, on a server that can "play the game" with Automated Optical Recognition software - But that's a whole other ballgame with a moral/ philosophical conundrum associated with it (also taking up cpu power, space on a sever etc) - Elon musk will do it (google Open Ai) - Maybe you can ask him ?

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