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Is It worth it to spam Yuri Brutes vs Prism Tanks?

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On 5/5/2020 at 5:13 PM, cypher said:

brute is faster as prism (regarding cnc.fandom)

+ you don't have unlimited free space...it depends on the map

That is correct. That Yuri Brutes are faster than Prism Tanks. :D And Yuri Brutes. are also cheaper to make aswell Yuri Brute. price is 500$ and a prism tank is 1200$ And with a cloning vats You can spam alot of Yuri Brutes. cheaper! ❤️ And even use the Genetic Mutator. superweapon. On your own initiates. To spam Yuri Brutes. vs Prism Tanks. alot cheaper! ❤️ And yuri brutes! Are also more powerful! Than prism tanks. aswell ❤️ Because. once i spam too many Yuri Brutes. vs Prism Tanks. I will always WIN! ❤️ Wheter. its vs AI or Human Players. :P 

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On 5/12/2020 at 11:29 PM, FlyingMustache said:

Brutes are support units for masterminds, gats and mags. You usually just use the genetic mutator to make them and basically can use them as a meat shield for the rest of your army that can't be ignored because the brutes themselves do a lot of damage if you don't kill them right away. @XGalaxyZ

Yup Because Yuri Brutes! are Extremely Overpowered! ❤️ :D And once i spam too much! Of them! The AI their Prism Tanks will always! LOSE! As Yuri Brute. spammers! Are true game winners! ❤️ And once yuri brutes! Reach too high numbers! Prism Tanks! can never defeat them! :D 

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On 9/7/2020 at 9:54 AM, reflexion said:

If you spend the same amount of money in prism as in brutes, you can't win. Sorry, but im talking of a normal skilled game, no noob and AI games.


The TOPIC is "Is it worth to spam Yuri Brutes vs Prism tanks?"

The Answer is clearly NO! Why? if we have both 50000k and you have a cloning vat. I will produce 28 prism tanks and you 200 brutes. With splash damage and elite prism i will kill your brutes flawless.

-> In this case, the rear tanks are not used vs the 500 brutes.


The next fact ist, with an increasing mass of prism tanks and the increasing amount of elite prism by killing brutes, your brutes are not able to reach in any situation the prism tanks. You can win with with 10 brutes against 2 prism, if the opponent has not enought skill, but with increasing amount of prism, any number of brutes will die.


So if we answer your Question: IS IT WORTH?
ANSWER: Absolutely not! Its a technical fact in case of the splash damage, the range ,the slow down effect and the successively elite promotions of the prism tanks.


If I SPAM YURI BRUTES! VS THE AI THEIR PRISM TANKS! They will ALWAYS WIN! ❤️ Also If i spam an insane amount of Hungry Yuri Brutes! The Prism Tanks will struggle defeating them! Because the yuri brutes! Are Extremely Overpowered! And the human player would quit the game. If facing a big amount of Hungry Yuri Brutes! So ill say it here YES! Yuri Brute spamming vs Prism Tanks IS ALWAYS WORTH IT! TO DO! ❤️ Since Mass Prism Tanks never! defeat my hungry yuri brutes! :D 

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