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IS there any Chance to geht Player Ratings in the cncNet?   

So man People start in beginner games but they are not Beginners, so real Beginners dont have fun. 

Nö Chance to sehe who is good Player and who not.  As everybody has to create an account their should be an Option hat Shows + of Winning games and Loosing games per Player as well as + of games.


I know this is not a 100% solution but you can have an Idea of te Player strenght...


We habe really big Problems as newbies

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Philly here,

Sadly I'm muted for 2 months, I was always helping the new players to get more familiar with the game.
me & crew mostly play defensive maps, but I'm experiencing the same issues that "pro's" join noob games. That means you just have to kick out the people you don't know, every single game. That's how the pro's do it, to make sure no noobs join & ruin their games.

That's what I'm doing in defense maps: everybody joins "Defense pro" maps, why they can't even finish the Defense Challenge on easy settings ?
Sick and tired about defense noobs like BA_Layzie, Sugartank and a few other morons who think they are pro ?

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