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Tiberian Dawn - The Arctic Missions Conversion (single player)


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Hallo Comander!


This is a small project called THE ARCTIC MISSIONS CONVERSION

I've found a campaign consisting of 8 missions. The first 4 are in WINTER theater and is related to a campaign in the Arctic by the original author SID.


This first mission is called THE VILLAGE.

Here are some screenshots of the conversion to SNOW theater. If you note something different read below*


edited on 2013-oct-20 = The file ARCTIC.MIX was deleted and in its place, you can check for the collection here






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- The humanitarian crisis that you have to manage along the game;

- A different MHQ fire system that coordinates Nod Airstrikes (a tiny evolution of Bickell's fire system**);

- Our Spy that you'll never find who provides a transponder signal which Nod wants to destroy fiercefully.

Just arrive in the village and open the side menu.

(actually, I don't know how this is done, perhaps the game offers you a minimap, after a certain build level and using the right subversive village house or corn field)


Things to deduce from the Briefing:

- Loose all the civilians and you loose the game;

- Transponder enables the minimap. You won't need a comm-center;

- After a time, you have to destroy the whole Nod meanwhile they might need just to  kill a single guy,so SAVE the game;

- Survive the tide to see the described features


In the zip file ARCTIC COMPARISON you get both maps, side by side.

I've put it in a ZIP to avoid revealing anything by accident before play.


The old game is included, if you wanna feel the changes. You'll have to fix it before play.

Post here a request or PM me and I'll put the whole trigger and teamtype sections corrected so you can play it the way it is.


Here some Numbers for comparison.

w=Winter, s=Snow

Waypoints w=5 , s=22

Triggers w=22 (3 broken) , s=26

Teamtypes w=11(3 broken)  , s=21

Units w=50 , s=62

Infantry w=68 , s=89

Structure w=64 , s=67

Base Section w=absent , s=11


I don't consider this an upgrade, but it is most likely that the older version was an abandoned game

since some triggers and teamtypes would prevent it to work, at least in the version I've found.

Later this campaign will be released in the SCG080.MIX campaign pack.

I hope you like this: thanks the former author, the concept of the plot is a good one and now is playable.


*  Some units look altered due to a mod mix file I'm testing here.

**  "old" Bickell's campaign will be available in SCG080.MIX

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(actually, I don't know how this is done, perhaps the game offers you a minimap, after a certain build level and using the right subversive village house or corn field)

Simple. Special effects like radar, ion cannon and nuke work with the same system as prerequisites. And like the prerequisites, they overflow after building ID #32, wrapping around back to #0. This causes certain civilian buildings to give access to these effects. In this case, V14 (the yellow field in the last screenshot) is equivalent to the Comm Center, to the game.


A full explanation and overview of the overflows can be found here:



Note that the nuke can't be launched from the civilian building because it needs a Temple to execute the Missile command. However, the Ion Cannon CAN, and in multiplayer, WILL be fired, so we've learned it's best to never put V31 on a multiplayer maps :P


I'm thinking about fixing it, but I'm not sure how I'd do it without messing up missions like this.


...well, once it's all in ini I could just set IsRadar as option on a building, I guess ;)

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  • 1 year later...

Hallo Commander,


Please, consider this thread the release of the remaining missions of the Arctic Missions Conversion. Refer to the first post for more details.

After some time, I'm back with the SP collection.

You can find this campaign in its own MIX pack here


Also, it's a good time to update the overall MIX catalog:



* link1 and link2 are the same content.


The INDEX file is not updated, I'll do that soon.


I'll be available in the next days for those that will have a try and might need some support.


Have fun!



The mission "Backdoor" was recovered with the help of Nyerguds, the map itself was blocked for editing, thanks.

And thanks again to Tore for sticking the main catalog.

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i began a second attempt at the first mission... i find it incredibly difficult!


here are some screenshots of my current situation.


you can also see what speed i am currently playing it at. i found it too difficult to manage at higher speeds. however, now that things seem to go better, i might be upping the speed a little soon.




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