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On 5/30/2020 at 7:53 AM, Punkernfg said:




Whats good about them? Atombombu sounds like a pakistani trying to speak english lol. (Nothing against Pakistanis, other than their lag, i really like their country :D).

One guy in RA1 made me laugh with his name: "Zwiebelmann" xD ("the onion man"). So he has my first vote.

My second vote goes to "MajinPence"/"DarthPence"/"HungryPence"/"GreedyMike/[ARNOLD]/HngryArnold/JSBach/CMonteverdi/DGTisEZ" :) 

Now its tough.

"SirCabal" was a good name, i asked Cabal, whether the Queen knighted him xD. Mammy is a nice name, too. So is "Zenetusken", which sounds good and powerful, without one really knowing what it means. REDRUM... is a nice homage and therefore deserves to be thought about. Pinkmamba, Whitemamba, and so on are good ideas as well. Or Stylewarz and his other names, which i cant mention here xD. MrFirestar is a nice name too (sounds like hes from Star Trek). Steelcore sounds dark and special. Maybe there are some other good names, too. Break or Phil from RA1 have some smart variations in their names. MashPotato from TD is a pretty well thought name, as well. Sometimes there is a guy in the lobby with the name Shaokhan, hes from Dune - who doesnt love Mortal Kombat?

My third vote goes to: Zenetusken!



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