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Red Alert Retaliation on the PS3


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Hello people does someone have a PS3?


i heard that you can download Retaliation for the PS3 from the Playstation Network and i really would like to know if you then can play it on the PS3 online.

If you have a PS3 you should really try it, if you are a real C&C fan  ;)

Sadly i have no PS3  :P


Thanks in advance

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What do you mean by that?

Why should i emulate Retaliation?

On the pc i just use the pc version for online play!


My question is just if they made an online mode for the PS3 Version of Retaliation.

Btw how much does it cost there?



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I just said ''No... You cannot play it online in PS3'' X.x All the PS3 do is emulate it being limited to memory card, no mouse addon emulated, or no cable link being emulated.


I know because I have a PS3 and played Retaliation on it. :P


I said emulator earlier just tell you if you wanted to play it online for some odd reason you can do it with the power of emulation!


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