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Yuri's Revenge no CD run and patch problem



My version is already 1.001 even if its not yet patched. My problem is that whenever I try to run the game without CD it always asks me to insert the CD and restart the application. And also, when I patch the game, there's always the Old file not found thing. I just did what the readme1st file told me to do. This is what the readme1st file in the crack folder of my CD said:

1. Install the game, full install.

2. Copy gamemd.exe and yuri-1001-english to your game directory

3. Run yuri-1001-english to apply the patch.

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Thats official enough, its Olaf who has posted it, Xwis , all that rubbish, but i was not aware RA2 was made freeware.

But then that aspect of the community weren't exactly very good at discouraging piracy and cheating from experience (unless they lost).


As for your problem check the basics, if you are on 7 Or Vista check compatibility mode have been set and you are preforming actions as the administrator.

As the last post is new to me i honestly don't know how much i can help you or indeed if i can under the rules.

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