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Mission Map : Jungle Fortress (Alliedi mission, Yuri's Revenge)


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Once again Ive dusted down my PC and dug this one out for a playtest. (Well to grab some screenshots). It's one I wrote back in 2003, so Ive not altered anything. You can use a Modded Jungle Jim character in this one.

Mission map for anyone running Red Alert2 , you will need the Yuris Revenge mission Disc. The Zip holds the all01umd.map file and the ra2.csf string file. Place these two files in the Westwood Red Alert2 folder. Then launch the game and select the Allied Mission. There is also a read me file and mini map included in the zip.

Once your finished playing this mission simply remove both these files and the Red Alert Game will be restored.

Editor: FinalAlert2
Created:11th April, 2003

Name: Jungle Fortress
Size: 100x90
Players: 1
Theatre: New Urban

To play this mission:Yuris Revenge mission disc required. Extract the contents of the winzip
file into your Red Alert2 Directory.Launch the game,select new campaign for the Allies.
The game will then launch.

                     "You want a War?-----You got it!"

Info: Once again were calling Tanya into the theatre of war. This time it's a rescue mission, and Tanya is going to be executing it!
We have received a radio transmission from deep within the jungles of Africa. The transmission informed us of a secret Soviet base operating deep within 
the Jungle. Further more the source of this communication appears to be a small group of Russian Scientists who have been imprisoned within the walls of
the base. Here they have been forced to work-on and develop a new Soviet defence system. The system from what we can understand is stealth based. 
This fact coupled with the location of the enemy base makes detection virtually impossible.
However these three Russian Scientists have now expressed a wish to leave their Soviet masters, and have asked for our help in extracting them.
The nature of these Scientists work makes them important assets to the allied war effort against hostile forces. We cannot allow the Soviets to develop this
"Stealth technology", and must therefore recover the scientists and destroy the base. This will effectively deprive the Soviets of an important breakthrough and
deprive them of its source.
Tanya is on route, prepared as ever for battle, she will assist you in infiltrating the base, recovering the three Scientists and escorting them back to the Landing
Zone. Once there we will send in a nighthawk to remove the Scientists from the combat zone, while sending in a MCV and reinforcements to aid you in the destruction of
the Jungle Fortress!

 Objective 1: Destroy the forward Radar Array.

 Objective 2: Locate and Evacuate the defecting Soviet Scientists.

 Objective 3: Destroy the Jungle Fortress.

 Objective 4: Keep Tanya alive.

Hints:Read on,
Do not read these unless you are really stuck.
1>Send Tanya to the Radar array, destroying this causes two Tesla coils to powerdown. This is the entry point into the Soviet base
for Tanya, all she has to do is time her moves correctly to avoid those patrolling telsa tanks!
2>Once inside the base its of paramount importance that Tanya keeps a low profile. Destroying any structures can lead to immediate
3>Head to the East then North, in the general direction of the Soviet Scientists.
4>Once again plan your moves with care, the Soviets will send conscripts and Flak troops at you but that should be all.
5>Destroy the allied power-plant close to the Soviet Oil derricks, (North East corner),  this controls the power to the Yuri Statue. Failure to do so will result in 
Tanya's demise.
6>Once rescued keep your Scientists together. Lead them back Keep them in a group of three as they approach the Nighthawk landing pad.
7>There are plenty of cash crates hidden in the game, beneath destroyed Tanks, Ruins, Flak cannons ect.
8>There is also a nuke crate hidden somewhere in the game.
9>My advice is to prepare for  any air attack, the AI loves building Kirov's, but resorts to tesla tanks and Appoc's when it feels the need.
10>Beware the Chimps in Hard mode!
11>The Special "Jungle Jim" unit is trainable, but takes plenty of action to achieve, however once he's fully Elite, he is a force on his own! But he's not invincible!


Ok so there u have it,
A RA2md.CFS file has been added. This will overwrite any other RA2mdCSF.file which you may of installed in your 
RA2 Folder from previous downloaded missions.The file contains text which been altered in order to fit 
with the maps theme!
Explanation: The ALL01umd.map file when placed in your RA2 folder preceeds the standard Yuris Revenge game disc missions.
This means that the first mission played when the game is launched will be this mission. To restore your games
original first mission simply remove the all01umd.map file from your RA2 folder.
The RA2md.csf file contains the text for this mission, it also preceeds your game disc csf file. As above once you have
finished playing this mission remove the RA2mdcsf.file. This also causes your game to revert to reading from the mission 
disc as opposed to reading data from the RA2 folder.

Various slight moddifications have been added, all to keep in with this missions theme. The moddifications will not alter your 
original RA2 game.

Finally a big thankyou to the following people who have given so much
help in this field with their ideas and solutions......
Lion,(for hosting and supporting my work, a big thankyou for creating my own little section on his much loved and popular
site "RADEN" ----- Give it your support!
DeeZire,(for those unsupported script actions in this mission and help with the finer modifications.ArgCmdr,(who also writes mission
maps,and took the time to explain how DeeZires script-actions,should be written.
Wildefire for all the help shes given me in the past.
The Map Guild,(thanks to everyone in the forums for suggestions and help, this site has now closed unfortunately).
Cannis,(for outstanding help with the variables,very grateful in your time to explain these 
to me,and with all the moddification to the weapons. Also in his support and encouragement
often going well out of his way to help and suggest ideas. And the great webpage he built for me on his site.
Dark Desolator,(for invaluable help in the forums and for explaining to my why neon green shows up as black text---doh!), I still value that
information even now..lol.
Roadxkill,(probably long gone by now).
RVMECH for his work in the RA2 community inspiring me with his own missions also for his latest work in creating downloadable script actions
which I used to incorporate my name and credits into the mapfile itself, thanks for that its a great bonus.
,for his support in getting my work posted to.
Cr@zyIvan & Miridor, can't leave them out.
ArgComdr, for driving me on when I sometimes lose interest.
Captdoom6,(for supplying the answers to the questions that I never asked)
and anyone else that I may of overlooked,thanks guys,a big thankyou also to the play
testers whos time was spent going over the mission,thanks for your time and patience guys.
ArgComdr, playtested this for me and informed me of a number of details which led to an improvement of the game.


other missions available.....1> Signed & Sealed.       (Allied RA2)
                             2> Temporal Exposure.     (Allied RA2)
                             3> Soviet Stranglehold.   (Allied RA2)
                             4> Prisoner of Conscience.(Yuri   YR)
                             5> The Wolves of Winter.  (Soviet RA2)
                             6> Fierce Intent.         (Allied RA2)
                             7> Shock Tactics.         (Soviet RA2)
                             8> Dominance in Mind.     (Yuri   YR)
                             9> Weathering the Storm.  (Soviet RA2)
                            10> In Cold Storage.       (Allied RA2)
                            11> Identity Crisis.       (Yuri   YR)
                            12> Terminal Lunacy.       (Soviet YR)
                            13> Under Pressure.        (Allied RA2)
                            14> Robot Revolution.      (Allied YR)
                            15> Nuclear Winter.        (Soviet YR)
                            16> Last Post.             (Soviet RA2)
                            17> Day of the Desolators. (Allied RA2)
                            18> Engineered to Kill.    (Allied YR)
                            19> Jungle Fortress.       (Allied YR)
                            20> Company of Wolves.     (Soviet RA2)
                            21> End of an Era, pt1 & pt2 (Yuri YR)
                            22> Moon Madness (TX Expansion)
                            23> Siege (TX Expansion)    (Allied YR)
                            24> Wipe Out!              (Allied RA2)
                            25> Foothold               (Soviet RA2)
                            26> Viral Agent            (Yuri   YR)
                            27> Finnishing Moves        (Allied RA2)
                            28> ?????????





SCRN0031 (1).jpg






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in the part of the mission where the engineers get to the landing pad, the game locks the player control and the engineers just sit there effectively ending the game. i tried sever times and it happened each time. 
the crates were rather odd... the damn explosion crates kept killing my hero units, and the cloak map crate just made me enraged, but the vehicle crate which spawns in the lowest island near the sniper that you have to use tanya to get to happened to spawn me an allied mcv... i tried building a base on the island but every time kirovs would come in right away and blow my base up, so i used the tanya and 5 GIs to destroy both their war factories and keep them destroyed while i built a base. i tried building a war factory but if i did i would get repeatedly nuked to death so what i ended up doing was using GGIs to clear the trees on the nearby cliff and basecrawl my way out before using engineers to slowly capture the enemy base and eventually destroy them with their own tech. near the end i got a yuri mcv from another crate so i pretty much steam rolled the enemy until the mission thankfully ended.

i like the lighting on the map and the use of the seldom used dynamic night day logic, the exploding monkeys, and the ts-era stealth generator logic.

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If your meaning the scientists, You have to keep the 3 in a group, and direct them towards the landing pad, (That means no Tanya with them), ----- It was written a long time ago. At the time it was the only way I thought I could evacuate them. These days id of done it differently.

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  • 9 months later...

Unfortunately I constantly had the same problem, but didn't care it as I have destroyed any single soviet units and structures, and achieved to an instant mission accomplish, even not letting the scientists reach to the landing zone.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Alright, I have sent the scientists with the copter and managed to keep the mission go on. After that, a mcv and a few tanks&soldier arrived from southwest. I have achieved to evacuate the scientists by using waypoint mod, moving them at 5 different points at the landing zone sequently. And after their 'wandering around' has ended, they automatically got onto the helicopter.

By the way, the mission has already been ended as I already own a strong combination of allied&soviet bases as the reinforcements arrived, and no enemy occupations around. :D

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