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i know that there is a bit of a disconnect between the cncnet multiplay community and the ra2 modding community, but i wanted to make a quick post to let you guys know that we have had some some nice updates with the fa2 map maker recently. we have an improved version of the editor up and running that has some pretty slick features included such as an improvements to the GUI, bug fixes, ability to clone scripts and teams, a tile manager, showing hidden script/trigger actions, not changing the file extension on save, and a bunch of other stuff. 

here is the ppmforum thread for it incase the first download link is broken

to install and use it: extract the files into a folder, then run the fa2.exe in the folder. when it prompts you, tell it the .exe of your ra2 installation. after that it is ready to use. older versions launched through a special .bat file but that has been replaced with an fa2 icon.

keep in mind that this version was made for modders and includes some ares specific functions that wont work with CNCNET multiplayer. they are all clearly labeled as ares functions so dont worry. this build is still a work in progress so hopefully we have more updates in the near future. if anyone is curious, here is the github to the mod's development: 

EDIT: i will try and keep the link for the fa2 mod updated to the current version. it is a work in progress so please report any bugs that you may find when using it in detail

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This mod doesn't let to create map over W*H=40 000 tiles, which makes it pretty useless with all its bugs. Game supports around 60 000 - 65 000 tiles in the map. Mental omega team have their own FA2 mod which allows to edit bigger maps. But they are not sharing it.

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please report any bugs you find in detail so they can be fixed. dont be so quick to dismiss such a breakthrough in fa2 usability just because you cant make.... obscenely large game breaking maps? for now. consider going to the github and helping the devs or contributing to them directly

mo is generally despised by cnc modders because of its cringey anime stuff and because they lock down their files. last i looked they simply used a normal version of fa2 patched to read their mix and and ares. this version already does those things and more, and i expect you will probably see it included with future MO map editor releases.

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