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Tiberian sun disconnecting after games been played a while.



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On 12/28/2023 at 6:53 PM, Weaponx said:

Anyone know why my brothers pc keep disconnectiong after a while, when he plays online. I think something with port? His FW and anti virus is off. Any suggestions?

His PC completely disconnects from the internet, or just the game?  If his PC completely disconnects, could try updating NIC drivers?

Are you using CnCNet client  or the old WOL/XWIS lobbies? 

If CnCNet, could try selecting a different tunnel when hosting a game and seeing if that helps?  

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 Its not the internet which dcs, just the game, and regular cncnet client,  same one i use aswell.  I have no issues but different houses/ providers.  But we will try to update drives and tunnel.



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