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Players not loading for me on online match



Hello there,

I'm having a problem with match loading screen appears and only loading for me, the other players bar doesn't load on my vision/computer, but for them run's pretty fine, and in the end I can't play online, only on lan mode. Same problem as this topic.

I've saw plenty of other topics(some very old) with same problem but without a solution.

Some details:

  • Windows 10
  • Latest version of CnCnet for Ra2/Yuri Revenge
  • Using Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection(Ea/Origin version) properly patched with CncNet

What I've tried so far:

  • Auto-ready off and on(when joining another one's game, or a friend's game)
  • Create room's with multiple different Tunnel Server
    • I/They tried with Auto-ready off and on too
  • Changed Renderer
  • Multiple rooms/games

Run's pretty fine on:

  • Campaign
  • Skirmish
  • Lan via VPN with friends
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It's not the renderer because they can play skirmish.

They say they've tried multiple tunnels, but if it's a connection to tunnel issue and "multiple" means all the Rowsnet ones, or FC ones, then you'll get the same issue
e.g. (Chinese players can't load on any FC tunnels because of the tunnel host)

"Multiple rooms/games" - I'm not sure if this means different maps. If this person is playing just one particular map, then I've seen this kin of thing happen before. No idea how to fix it. 


Almost certainly a null point but "Changed Renderer" doesn't necessarily mean 'tried all the renderers'

I expect none of these are applicable/source of the problem, but they could be
Oh. You could ask them to host a lobby and play 2 games. One with just themselves, and one with them and an AI.

Might be worth noting that you mean Online lobby not skirmish, and to use a map under "Battle" 
Will factor out other players/connection with other players being an issue. 


From FC Matt:

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5 hours ago, Grant said:

From FC Matt:

Thanks for the response


I've tried one from Brazil(Me and my friends are from Brazil), WormsRulez and Cncnet Europe to play with my friend and also tried another player games without success.

I'll try the FC and Rowsnet(how's the name of these?) later


In this I mean different maps and "rooms"(people created games on lobby).

I'll try with some other maps later too.


I agree that this would change anything, but tried just to try something new(yeah, i know its kinda dumb)


Thanks again, I'll try new scenarios later


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Hi there,


Okay, you've tried multiple tunnels. So doesn't sound like it's a host problem.


If you can try a map from the "Battle", and a different map from "RA2 Ladder", that'd rule out a rare issue I've seen with certain map lists not working for people.


Sorry, not sure I fully understand what you mean. Have you tried every renderer? (It's annoying, I know, but for 50% of first-time palyer issues, the renderer is the problem so that's why we recommend going through every single one. But if you can play Skirmish it's probably not a render issue.

Next Steps

Let us know what happens if you try to host and play an online game with you as the only player. Does the game actually load in for you? This will help indicate whether it's a "you-to-others" issue, or a "you-to-CnCNet" issue

If you have Discord, you might want to consider posting your problem there. CnCNet has a server with several thousand members. One of them might have had the same issue as you.
Link: https://cncnet.org/discord
Grant and I have been asking around in the mean time.

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