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i don't load


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hello so as the title says in a game i don't load [only i load] while on other games i load no issue and same on ladder no issue as well that happened after the last couple updates idk which one since i didn't play yesterday

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3 hours ago, Grant said:

Please upload spawn.ini and spawnmap.ini when this next happens.


Or if this was the last game you played, please upload those now. Thanks 

no i played some after that will upload if that happened again


8 hours ago, Gun_Man said:

look mom, i'm famous!


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1 hour ago, eL_MoJo said:

Is this error already solved? I'm trying to play with 2 friends and we are all having the same problem.

Make sure that you are all on version 3.81 of the CnCNet Client and that none of you has modified files, and lastly make sure you have gamemd-spawn.exe allowed to access the internet through your local antivirus and/or firewall.

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Try to sellect other server while creating game. It depends on, what server is good for you, and if it good for other people in the game. People may not load because you or them have bad ping on server, that was sellected automaticly (if you didnt sellect it manually).

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