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I can't see the files made from Final Alert 2


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Just picked up Final Alert 2 and tried messing around with pre-existing maps to learn the ropes. I might just be a dumbass, but I can't seem to find the files (and folders) that I make via the program. Can anyone tell me what's going on? Attached screencap.



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Hey, thanks for replying.

Is the root folder for CNCnet different from the install folder of RA2?

Because the shortcut from desktop leads me to the above folder. Same with the Final Alert 2.

What's strange to me is that the "Test" folder and "edited hex bay.map" doesn't show up when I use Windows Explorer to go to that specific folder. So I might just be being dumb and looking at a different thing entirely, but hard to figure it out when FA2 sends me to that specific folder.

First screenshot below is where the Yuri's Revenge CNCnet shortcut leads me when I choose "Open File Location". The second screenshot is one folder back from where Final Alert 2 sends me when I try to open the above folder from the screenshot in the previous post.

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.



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The place that the editor throws is where the editor himself is. you need to manually specify the folder with the cncnet game or simply copy the map file (your map for example), go to the root folder with cncnet and select "Map - Custom" and place your map there. If your file type is not "map", change it to MyMap.map. You find your card in cncnet in the standard section (as in the photo).

red alert 2.png

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if your booting the game via the vanilla executable the maps will be read from the installation root folder (or any expansion mixes in the root folder) and the game will look for a .yrm file extension for yr maps and a .mpr file extension for base ra2 maps

if your booting the game via the cncnet launcher, then the maps will be read from the maps>custom folder and the game will look for maps with .map file extension; you will need to change the file extension manually.

thats assuming its a multiplay map. if its a campaign map then it wont be read by cncnet at all and it needs to be in the ra2 root folder and have the .map file extension

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