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Looking for every map/mission ever made for RA1


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I'd like to release a compilation. I'm also adding a custom mission list display/loading system to my own patch, part of it will be loading a map specific tutorial.ini file, this is useful for custom missions, but it'll mean I need to clean them up too.

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Thanks! I'm thinking about having two seperate github repos for missions and maps, then categorizing every map in its own folder with the map file, a description (including whether the map has modded settings), original author comments if any and a map preview.


Once I'm done with my custom RA build, the improvements to hifi's patch and the config tool, that is.

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Nope, doesn't work. What version of VirtualBox are you using? :/


edit: Okay got it working but it acts kinda weird, I can't get higher than 3200x3200x32 with 128 MB of video memory.

edit2: Working quite nicely now, thanks!

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