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Awesome, man. I'll get you the graphics this evening :)




Hmm. The buttons seem to have some kind of shadow drop on the background. Could you make it draw a specific shape under the icons there at the end? Same for the power bar, actually.


Looks like a converted C&C 64 map but it is snow.

That mission is, by popular request, indeed in Snow theater in C&C95 v1.06.

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Right, here are the graphics. Specific instructions:


-hside2: tile under the current location of hside1. Is exactly the height of 2 icons (so, 160x96). I kept the transparent piece at the left for the power bar, so the X coordinate to draw it shouldn't be different.


-hstrip: Blank icons, in 8 frames instead of 2. Frames 0-3 are the left side blanks, 4-7 are the right-side blanks. So whenever you need to draw a blank icon, use [sidebar ID (0 or 1) * 4 + vertical icon index] as frame number.


-hpwrbar: The game uses some odd system to draw only part of this to indicate the power level. I made it a repeatable 120 pixel high bar; the rest is yours to figure out. The even frames are the top, the uneven frames are the tileable part, the 4 states are Unused, Green, Orange, and Red.


-hbottom: new shp file, 160x28. Contains the shadow behind the up/down icons, and the bottom of the power bar:

-frame 1: draw on the same X as the hside2, and as Y one pixel less than where the buttons below the icons will be drawn.

-frame 2: The bottom of the power bar. Should be drawn over the power bar, on the same X as the hside2, and on the Y location [(screen height)-(SHP file height)]. If there's no easy way to get the shp file height, just hardcode on 28.


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I added the files to updatec.mix but the game now doesn't start anymore. I don't see a reason to draw all the frames for histrip as the texture is almost the same plus what you described is quite convoluted.

doesn't start? Well that's odd. Did you add it using XCC Mixer, or XCC Mix Editor? I've seen XCC Mixer spontaneously switch a mixfile to TS type when saving before...


I tested it on my machine, and it worked just fine, besides the obvious fact my sidebar looks slightly messed up now.


As for the bottom thingy, well, I dunno, it's just, finishing touches, you know? If you can load and draw SHP files, it shouldn't be too hard to do. I can always do it myself after you're done with it.


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Okay I finished the extended sidebar code itself, it draw hstrip.shp and calculates the correct frame to draw (first 4 are used for the left strip, last 4 for the right one).


I'll investigate the other stuff later, not sure when as I'm busy tomorrow and I'd like to start working on Red Alert one again (though the power meter and background stuff also needs to be done for RA1..)



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I know that code... shouldn't be hard to see how I can activate it with a rules.ini option or something.


I'm also adding the multiplayer tiberium regrowth option as mission switch, btw, so you can make missions where the tiberium doesn't spread.

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