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There seems to be too few triggers in Red Alert 1...


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I have one simple question and I think it is important. I don't begin to explain why I need this and what I want to do with it for now yet but I need also not(negative) triggers which seems to not exist. We have a trigger like "Building exist..." but can someone help with it how I can have a trigger like "Building does not exist"? At the beginning, Red Alert modding seemed me to be quite an easy process but now I have just a problem because I cannot figure out how to have negative variants like in GML or ACS where I can set like "if global.smallalju5<1" and also "if not global.smallalju5<1".


In one word, how can I have "Building does not exist" trigger?


Please help! :) Later I can explain what I try to do if it is important to understand what function I try to create. :)

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You may want to try somthing like this


Name:      Demo

Owner:    Greece

Existence: constant (any linked event -> switch)

Type:      and (event1 && event2 => action1 [+ action2])


Event 1:  Elapsed Time (1/10th min)... 2

Event 2:  Building exists...Naval Yard


Action 1:  Reinforcement (team)... boat


With the setup above the team is reinforced at the said Elapsed Time AND IF Greece owns a Naval Yard. If Greece dosn't own a Naval Yard the team will not be reinforced. Do the Existence: constant the game will check every 2 10th of a min to see if Greece owns a Naval Yard.

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Actually I want to enable Missile Silo in Soviet mission and Iron Curtain in Allied mission. One human here asked how to enable Missile Silo and he got an answer which helped of course but no sound "A-Bomb Prepping" like it should be.


I want that if I have or just build Missile Silo then this sound will be played once but if I build or capture one more Missile Silo then not. If my Missile Silo gets destroyed or sold so I don't have any Missile Silos anymore then if I rebuild it then I should hear "A-Bomb Prepping" once again and so on like it is in Skirmish Mission. :)


If I used constant then sound played repeatingly more and more and didn't stop. If I used temporary existance then it played once and not anymore at all even if I lose all Missile Silos and build it again. That was the problem. :)


However, I try your method to solve my problem and see if this works. :) Thank you! :)

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Reply #1 at 02:12:29 am


Have you tried a semi-constant trigger?

Semi-constant existence works like also temporary existance for me. :huh:


just make a constant repeating trigger and whenever someone makes the building you fire up another trigger to kill the other trigger

Yeah! I understand that it must be work like in that way. I am trying to figure out how to merge the triggers to get the mentioned function. :huh: I only don't know how many time it takes to get it.


Reply #2 at 03:02:14 am


Yahoo! :D I just did it with 3 triggers! :D But thank you anyways for your time! This problem have been solved! :)

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