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RA95 demo recording and playback


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RA95 contains unused code to record and playback demos. When a "recording mode" byte global variable is set to 1 recording will start. This variable needs to be set before the level is started. After the match ends a RECORD.BIN file will be created. The game has code to start playing back a demo but this code isn't linked to any main menu button, I memory patched the game so clicking the sneak preview button will start playback of the demo. When playback starts RECORD.BIN will be loaded as demo file.


The demo always seems to desync with what actually occured while recording the demo. I'm not sure if this is because demo recording is faulty or because demo playback is faulty (or both). Loading demos of skirmish games crashes the game. Recording a save game that has been loaded causes desyncing as demo playback starts from the beginning of a map/mission. Moving the mouse or pressing ESC ends demo playback.


Here's a video of demo playback:


ra95 demo playback


Attached is the RECORD.BIN demo recording used for the video.


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