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"First" Desert Multi Map in RA... "Innocent Mountain" 4P


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Some weeks ago I've been reading some threads and found that the DESERT and WINTER theaters would be available in RA and then I "decided" to convert this TD Map:




To RA...

Here is the result:



*It looks weird, I know... xD


Download is locatted bellow! ;D

Enjoy it!!!


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Desert and Winter theaters are "dormant" do to compatibility issues. At this time there is no way to keep people that don't have the Desert and Winter theaters from joining games that use them. This is why Desert and Winter theaters are not included with Red Alert.


I'm working on a new Red Dawn that will include Multiplayer and will use Desert and Winter. It will use it own CnC Net lobby so the compatibility issues that have kept Desert and Winter theaters out of RA won't be an issue.


The maps is good. I know how much work it takes to copy a make from C&C to RA. I remade 28 of the C&C95 singleplayer maps for the next Red Dawn. The darn maps are almost a tile for tile copy like this.

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I can look into the later. I can also sent you the mission as they are. The mission are simple compared to how RA1 mission are made when it comes to RA AI. There is some coding in the misson to slow down the harvest/ore tucks but they still unload way to fast so you can over power the AI. Also coding to get the tech level right since the RA tech level is nothing like C&C 95.




The tress are from Tib Sun. If you want them I can sent them to you.

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In my humble opinion..


The shadows on the trees are very harsh, and the outlines of the trees seem jagged and pixelated, especially in contrast to the very dark shadows. And when on ore, make the ore really pixelated.




This tree has almost no shadow so is really weird on the eyes



Also some edges of the ore mines have black pixels making them catch the eye and contrast with the terrain abruptly. It also kinda looks like the bottom edge has been cropped slightly too close giving a cut 'edge' effect. I have tried to show some of the darker pixels that catch my eye (think its 400%).



IMHO I prefer the Tib Dawn Desert trees. They seem to blend nicer, the shadows are nicer and they scream African savanna. The trees in use give the map a south america feel which is fine, but some still feel wrong even for that environment. A little too leafy. And considering Africa is a stones throw from Europe (where RA1 occurs) compared to Central America, I just think it would be better in that respect too.




I hope that doesn't sound too OCD, but RA1 and C&C95 have lovely smooth spite graphics, so those little details really got my attention. Apart from that, the map looks nice, everything else works.  :)

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I made the tress for the RA desert. They are converts and resize of the Tib Sun tress. I converted the Cactus/Cacti from TD and the one Tree from TD that would work in RA. The large Tree form TD wounldn't work as it would "clip" or "ghost" through the shroud of the map. The very dark shadows are from the program he used to get the full map preview. The shadows are not dark in game.


All of the Tib Sun trees were made so that any Temperate (grass) and Snow map could be converted to Desert with out having to remove every tree from the map or if you failed to remove the tress from the map you would find areas for the map that had invisable tress.


The ore and mine are from Temperate (grass) so the still have dark green spots.

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Ah, well palm my face..


Still, looking at the picture in the PortableRA thread though, the ore mine itself could do with a touch up in photoshop to remove the dark pixels. But yea, the shadows are much smoother

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