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Out of Sync researching TBD


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It seems to happen mostly with Tunnel games with the experiences I had, I don't know about other people..

when CnC95 created game as p2p and I finally had 1st OOS problem but the game lasted about 10 min+ (quiet long).

I never had problem with p2p when I hosted game,, so far..

Usually OOS happens very quickly during the Tunnel game, either in very beginning or few minutes later.


I saved spawn.ini as requested by Funky and made note  to it as well..


attached files are the reports.

i.e) spawn1.ini has note to gg1

spawn2.ini has note to gg2


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yes it is true and only started happening to me only just yesterday because as the game said 'out of sync' i go back to the lobby and then there is a little message coming up saying 'an error has occurred' and it also said to tell  funky fresh. and to be honest i don't know what is the matter. :(

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Sounds like the tunnel system might be running into trouble;


This is what we get for paying basically next to nothing for vps services (or using java).


Complain to hifi.


It happens without the tunnel and without any Java code. The reason why it is more frequent with tunneling is that it adds latency which can always lead to more problems.

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I been gaming with css today in the map called 'Symmetric fields (4p)" where it had oos right away when the game was running smooth and fast.

Did Symmetric fields (6p) and lasted longer but went oos about 10 mins later.


Those are the maps that infamously had many problems with oos in the past and it seems it hasn't been fixed.

I understand the oos may have to do with more w/ latency according to hifi but please check the map itself in case there is something wrong.

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Geez, man - You can always edit your post to add new file.


OOS may be caused by your famous antivirus !avast, because of firewall etc.

Helpful may be port forwarding if you're using a router (just choose yours):



If CRC error occurs, it is recommended to re-install game once again due to corrupted checksums. If the error repeats try to install from another source.



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rude for being humorously sarcastic? mmkay.


well your advice is already tried in the past and that's actually simplest steps we did :) The posts I made was done during the actual testing gaming w/ funky so I really didn't mind to hit either modify/reply. Not much people are posting here lately, I don't feel guilty of slight spamming I made. In fact it should help forum to look even more active although that wasn't my intention.


have great sexy night

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This OOS issue was fixed by my latest addition to cncspawn.


unfortunately it isn't fully fixed yet. (but I am happy with overall result :) )

It is strange that whenever I game with cn2mc, we tend to get a lot of oos. I hardly ever get any oos with anyone else, even if there is 5 players in the game.

I found few more maps that did oos withoug playing with cn2mc, it was someone else, the map is called Lost Temple. It went oos as the game started. There was another map, can't remember the name now.

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