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Invalid CC1 window mode


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Hi i have a problem with the windowed Mode i have just a black screen but and a small Resolution when i start the game.  (But the game and videos seems to run fine)  When i deactivate the Window mode in the config  the game runs normal.  In RA1 i havent any problem with the windowed mode.

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ok have found a little problem the exe have some compatibility options like 256 coulors set and low reso  now it works so far but video streching in gdi isnt working ?


Edit:  now it works in openGL too!



Everything is working now.  Thx x)


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Everything is working now.  Sad that GDI Video Stretching not worked because  i need to capture but in opengl mode i must capture my desktop it bad so i must see nobody see my dektop in the video :-D  with GDI mode i could capture just the Game window.  But that is an problem with i can life.



Thx 4 help !

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