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New Missile Truck


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2kvzy.gifMissile Truck


The finished product  :D The GIF frames are out of order in a couple spots, but the SHP is fine


The ammo frames will work with Arda or OpenRA. Wont work right with regular RA. I still have the frames if anyone wants a regular V2RL version.


Used the MGG base with a Shadow made by reaperrr from the OpenRA forum. Then added the SSM Launcher turret fixed with 3 ammo frames.


Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?i3c9wjmf5m4vkdj

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Xcc to extract the mgg and ssm turret as .png frames. I use the old paint shop pro 5 to edit png's. All it really involved was cutting and pasting the turret and some minor pixel editing and touchups. The hardest part was lining up the turret the same way for all ammo counts. Editing 3 facings at once for the ammo image count was the best way

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