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Stuff in rules.ini?


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I'm having a helluva time with a custom campaign (Flame Dancers: Genesis) that uses units from both sides as antagonists. So, without messing with hitpoints which is what I usually do when I'm having a tough time with campaigns, I wanted to look at the difficulty settings.


Now, if I'm reading these comments right, the armor and firepower lines indicate multipliers that are used to enhance base damage. However, when I change these values, they don't seem to do anything. Is this only skirmish stuff? What other options do I have?

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Lots of light tanks, is how I did it. The trick is to try and get it to stand still... if it's moving then you'll just lose all your tanks.

Try to build up a big army, and then save. It's kinda tricky and a bit silly TBH.

The story is the best part of that campaign, really... although, some of the missions are interesting ideas (shoot down the president's plane when it flies over, etc).


Good luck :)


Also... I never finished the whole campaign, too hard. HAHA

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I ended up finishing it with judicious ini editing of the mission files. Some of the stats were just poorly thought out, I think.


Now I'm running into the same problem with the CS and AM missions. Do the rules.ini settings not work there either?

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