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Looking for people wanting to collect missions and maps


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I'd like to include single player missions and maps with PortableRA (as an addon) and to have them archived online. I started doing it at the start of this year but it wasn't really feasible and I had to work on this patch (which takes a lot of time).


Anyone interested in this? Map previews can be automatically created by my map preview tool and hosted on Flickr. Single player missions and campaigns can be converted to use the custom missions dialog and mini-campaigns system added by the ra303p patch. If needed an extra tab can be added to the config tool to add support for managing the map packs and mission packs.


I need someone who enjoys doing this, kinda like Solo collects and fixes up missions for C&C95.

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I will do the converting maps into mini-campaigns which use the custom mission menu, as I've never mapped/modded for C&C before, but I am highly skilled at learning new things intuitively, all I ask is please write some better documentation then that current cobbled feature list at some point D:

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Taking advantage of the mistakes I did in my collection, I would use INI and BIN* files only, avoiding ZIPs and MIX files.

Or, leaving a large ZIP file as a stand alone file that are not updated in the short term and is used for "market-flaging"

Also use a github or a SVN solution, instead of a cloud program like Dropbox.

The main advantage of a SVN folder is to know how many backups you can count with, so the project lists who are connected to the folder.


Im my situation, my SVN folder has not been used, since the other sources are well known, so I couldn't so far migrate from one instance to another yet.



* - if RA uses only those, like TD.

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