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Update on CnCNet 5!


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A long time has passed since there was any real update about CnCNet 5 so here it is!




As you might or might not have been aware. CnCNet 5 has been in a unofficial testing phase for a long time now. Slowly but surely CnCNet 5 is becoming the network the classic C&C community deserves. While hifi and others have been at work getting the server side of things ready FunkyFr3sh has been making a "unofficial official" client to bring CnCNet 5 to the community. The client is filled tons of great features made possible by FunkyFr3sh, Iran and others.


Let's go through a list of features the current test version of CnCNet 5 has over CnCNet 4.

- Improved netcode: CnCNet 5 makes use of a modified version of the Westwood Online netcode rather than the LAN netcode. This makes games much smoother and faster than the old CnCNet 4 method of using the LAN netcode.

- Ability to choose tunnel server. A tunnel server allows people who are not able to forward ports to use CnCNet. This feature has been in CnCNet since CnCNet 4, but in CnCNet 5 you can choose the tunnel server closest to you for optimal performance

- Host your own tunnel server: If you live in a location far from another tunnel server and you have the bandwidth you can host your own and give players closer to you a better experience.

- Make your own CnCNet 5 client: This is very useful for modders.

- CnCNet IRC server: This allows for personal messages, proper game lobbies with password option with working kicking functionality and a lot more to come.


Features of FunkyFr3sh's client:

- Giant database of maps with categories and search functionality

- Observer mode for RA1

- CO-OP support for RA1

- Choose team and starting location for RA1

- Map previewes

- New game options including "Auto Crush Infantry" and "MCV Undeploy" for C&C1, "MCV Undeploy", "Fix Formation Exploit" and "Fix Range Exploit" for RA plus a whole ton of other options.

- Automatic transfer of maps and coming soon: "mini-mods"


Features Coming Up for CnCNet 5

- Ranked games and ladder support in co-operation with PlayCnC

(- Support for Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 if any one is up for the task)


If you are interested in trying out the current test version of CnCNet 5 using Funky's client he has ready to go versions of both Command & Conquer (C&C1) and C&C: Red Alert (RA1) available in this topic.


Down below you can see screenshots of Funky's client





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