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CnCNet5 for Tiberian Sun Add Missing Request




Hello CnCNet Team!



I first have to say that CnCNet5 is an outstanding product that is well built by a superb group of professionals especially FunkyFr3sh. You provide a high quality service to CnC fans everywhere! I am very impressed with CnCNet5!



I am a regular player on CnCNet5 for Tiberian Sun. I have noticed a few items that negatively affect the gaming experience on CnCNet5 for TS, and I would like to ask for the following enhancements. These items are all missing files and parts from the game, which I imagine should be an easy upgrade to add the missing parts to a *.mix file.  I have noticed the CnCNet5 auto-updater is routinely updating files. It appears to be actively maintained.



1. Please add the SHP and/or Voxel files for the Mammoth Tank. At the moment, the Mammoth Tank is invisible when a player encounters it on a map. Several maps and CompStomps incorporate the Mammoth Tank. When a new player encounters the invisible tank, they interpret that as a flaw with the service, and they could lose confidence in the service, which could turn them off from CnCNet5 for TS.



2. Please add the Tutorials.ini file to the game. Many people over the years including myself have made multiplayer mission maps and CompStomps that use the Text Triggers in Tutorials.ini. Having this file missing, negatively impacts missions and CompStomps because the player is used to seeing the text triggers, and the Mission becomes ineffective since it can no longer instruct the player what to do in the mission.



3. Please add the missing mission related sounds and audio. Mission maps, CompStomps, and specialty maps use audio and sounds from these missing files. Having these items missing negatively impacts the original intent of the map.



4. Please add the missing SHP file at the Game Summary screen when a game is over. When players see a black background on the game summary screen, they see this as a problem with the service, which may lead to them wondering what else is wrong and/or missing? Having this file missing takes away from the original experience of the game.



I realize that one of the reasons why these items are missing is to keep the original install small enough for dial-up internet world wide installs. However, a majority of TS players play CompStomps and Missions which makes these missing parts necessary. I am sure there is a way to add these items back in.



Thanks again for an outstanding product! I hope to see these enhancements roll in soon! Keep up the great work!




Elmer Fudd  :)

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Hi !


Since i didnt knew much about TS i asked Bittah to strip the game down for us, told him to remove all the SP stuff but maybe he was deleting 1-2 files too much by accident :(

Do you know the filenames of the missing Mammoth Tank graphics ? Do you know the names of the sounds as well ?


The score screen files are probably pretty big (the loading screen backgrounds were 6mb), im gonna look thru those and try to get it a lil smaller

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