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[YR] Tournament - Battle for Dune (2-6)


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Decided to post some maps here... heres one I made earlier. It's a very, err, tournamentesque map for head-on war (sublime war!) and good for the AI.




Battlefield Reconaissance!

At each side are the player spawn points. As you can see the players are surrounded by cliffs with one large entrance for the north and south player and two smaller entrances for the centres. Between each players are small Ore fields, to get players started, but they wont last long. Six Oil Derrick line those fields, ready for capture, but be fair to your allies people!


The centre of the map is where it all happens. Just down the cliffs is where the Battle for Dune will take place! Desert stretches across the map with two notable sand dunes. A-top these dunes are three Derricks for each player, helping them guard their positions and dodgily place down some Refineries. Also down here, at the player side of the dunes lies the vast amount of Ore, ready for collection however Miners will be highly vulnerable.


And the rest... is Dune.


Tournament - Battle for Dune

(BTW the mod featured is Robot Storm 1.99)



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So... why did you decide to use RS to show off the map? XD

Needed something to try and prove my "works with AI" point. Plus its awesome. :P


Nice looking map OmegaBolt, but i'm sorry we don't allow YR maps here >: )

I did have to look a few times to check. :P
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