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Request for unit ideas


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...no ideas?


The only idea I have had so far is doing something completely different, like two different colour civilian cars that drive around aimlessly on the city maps.


EDIT: I think I have a workable idea now. :) Tear gas units. Could work as an alternative to flamethrowers. I'd probably want to come up with something else as well though, to make them truly unique. Still, trying, haha :D

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What about a Mobile AA-Gun? Absolutely sod-all defence against land/sea units (aside from crushing infantry), but capable of taking down fast jet fighters/bombers before they can even get close.

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You could try a new type of sniper also... slightly longer range than regular troops, good damage against inf (not instant kill), crap against everything else.


Mammoth tanks are good against A-10s? considering that they're almost mission exclusive and that A-10s just fly strait in and out, mammoths vs A-10s doesn't come up much... IDK if I've EVER seen it actually... (Probably have, but not noted in my memory... I have played a LOT of C&C)


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