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Fixing Terrace To Make Top Left More Fair


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I took a second to make top left on Terrace map more fair. I added a little more tiberium and modified the cliffs so that you dont have to glitch build to get to expansion tiberium. When you play in top left on Terrace on normal version you run out of starting tiberium very fast and have to get the tiberium to your right which is pretty far away actually and strangles you of money. you then have to glitch build to try to get to your far away expansion tiberium. I think this little bit of extra tiberium and fix so you dont have to glitch build is a good idea cause whoever gets top left is at a big disadvantage.


This isnt in the maps section because I think this map should replace the official Terrace map or a map of similar design if people don't like what I did to it. Thx.




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I've been suggesting adding 'fixed' versions of maps in addition to the normal version of maps since December. It all depends on what the community thinks, don't want to scare off people. I suck at Tiberian Sun and don't know the community, just like the other developers.


Nice that you made this version, hopefully there's interest in it.

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Great idea. I think its great to fix/update existing maps and fix details Its important to conserve the layout and look of the original map. One of the biggest risks is that the map changes to much and people wont like it anymore.


Anyway, i would love to see more eye candy added like day/night cycle and lighting. While the original maps are great they seem very basic compared to some high quality user created maps.

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