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Tank Comparison Table


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    The link below has some mathematics on tanks from each faction and then has various math on each tank, comparing each Country's tanks. It compares DPS, cost efficiency and more. Note the formulas used.




Cost efficiency:

- SQRT(DPS*HP/Cost^2)


Effectiveness per unit



Time efficiency

- Effectiveness per unit/Build Time



  • I know France and England normally have weaker stats
  • CnCnet5 Allies have Germany stats
  • The greater efficiency stat (in the table) the better
  • Red Alert ignores decimal values in Damage, ROF, HP, Movespeed





- France has the highest DPS and cost efficiency (Dividing by ROF 0.9 is a bigger increase than multiplying damage by 1.1) out of the Allied faction.

  - England is second place, where they have HP/0.9 which would allow their tanks to stay in Green HP longer so they don't gain a movespeed penalty which would benefit in Q battles. Also the 10% damage reduction would cause healing to be better (Repair, Medic, Mechanic, or Service Depot) although only the former is used and rarely at that.

- Germany is technically the worst Allied faction IF the ROF and Armor values aren't reversed in the rules.ini. The only advantage in this case would be is higher burst damage (when units live long enough to fire only once) or Nukes and Mines. Also the splash damage is slightly larger.

- USSR is the most cost efficient late game, but gains no combat stats and the cost is negligible if you can manage your economy. IT DOESN'T AFFECT BUILD SPEED.




Mammoth Tank:


      Slow, cost inefficient and is underpowered against every other tank type. It can target air, but you can build Sams, AA's or rocket soldiers to do the job better.


Heavy Tank:


    Very cost efficient, but not time efficient (Takes longer to make a powerful army) when playing USSR. Outshines in the later game.


Medium Tank:


      Formidable tank, 1 speed faster than the heavy tank, and is more time efficient. Advantageous in Tank battles until Soviets can max speed build

heavy tanks.


Light Tank:


    Fastest battle tank, and has slightly more DPS than a medium Tank. Can sometimes take less damage from Tesla's. Isn't more cost effective than Medium Tank's when

playing germany, due to the 0.5 damage loss from the game ignoring decimal stats. Slightly more time efficient than the medium tank, and is faster so takes less damage

from Q battles than the medium tank, which if you're good enough can outshine medium and heavy tanks.




    Is more cost efficient than the Tesla Coil, but can miss Q-dancing tanks where the Tesla gains an advantage.


AM Turret:


    Is extremely strong, has almost as much DPS as a Tesla coil at half the price, and has faster projectiles and frankly is overpowered.


Tesla Coil:


    Cannot miss Q tanks usually, but on certain occasions deals a portion of the game to moving units. (You will notice it doesn't always 1 shot light tanks) Tesla coils are underpowered on paper, but they have the best range and max speed build they destroy enemy bases really fast. In normal games they usually aren't worth the cost.

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What about Ukraine?


Interesting finds. Most 'pros' agree that the german tanks are the best... but in saying that, I think in CnCnet that the tank stats are now all just made to be like Germany.

Which is a bit silly, I think. I'd rather see it more like what you're saying here (the same bonuses, but not reversed).


The other thing about splash is that it can help hit q tanks, also. But then, ROF might help that also.



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The aftermth.ini says


; This needs to be re-set from its modified mplayer.ini values












This set the Gun Turret cannon back to normal for Aftermath missions. The mplayer.ini is stll being used in CnCNet 5. This makes the turret to a super turret for Aftermath games. The mplayer.ini is only used for Aftermath games.


mplayer.ini changes. Note: I added the stock rules.ini values as ; norm ** to each stat.


Cost=800 ; norm 600

Power=-55 ; norm -40



Damage=60 ; norm 40

ROF=35 ; norm 50

Speed=50  ; norm 40



IronCurtain=5 ; norm 11



Cost=50 ; norm 100



Strength=700 ; norm 1000

Power=-90 ; norm 60



Strength=600 ; norm 400

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