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Stupid Teamtypes


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So I'm making a map for a campaign (this is still the beta version, it is attached below) but I can't understand why some teams go to the top corner of the map..


In addition another map, every time I play it I get an oddity. My money goes down all the time and at regular intervals goes up again... This is just really weird.


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It looks that if I remake them, so many don't go up there.. I think RAED just hates me in general.


I do wish I could make the AI stop leaving so much infantry at the barracks.


RAED isn't exactly bug-free which is annoying.


I could never work out how to stop the AI spamming a million infantry, but then when they made TD they never bothered to fix it, so maybe its not a huge problem.

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I never saw the left-corner-bug in a singleplayer map before, you get a beer for this: :beer:

RA 303p supports a FixAISendingTanksTopLeft=yes option in the [AI] section of rules.ini, may that could help.

Otherwise try to set the WayPoint of your autocreate teams from 0 or -1 to a waypoint near the blue base instead.

I think this waypoint will be used as a kind of collection point until a team is completely produced and if is set to -1 or a non-existing WP they just move to the corner.

But i'm not sure, I never messed around with autocreate teams.


Otherwise add a periodical AllToHunt trigger for the unit producing house, so they will leave the corner in every case  ;)

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