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Campaign with CnC.net client?


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I apologize if it is a wrong forum, but I figured it belongs here because I have question about multiple games.


I have tested Tiberian Sun client, and I was happily surprised! TS-ddraw setting eliminated screen tearing in game and I was searching for solution for several years! I have never played Tiberian Sun campaign, because screen tearing was killing the enjoyment of the game, I though "hmm maybe one day some egghead will come up how to fix screen tearing". My questions are:


I own Tiberian Sun on Origin(digital distribution from EA). Which files I have to copy from CnC.net version to Origin version of the game?


I understand that the other way around(to have campaign in Cnc.net client) is not possible because CnC.net version is focused on multiplayer only and is very stripped down?


What about Red Alert 1? Which files to copy from CnC.net version to Origin version to have extra graphic settings. Graphic settings is all I need, not the balance or AI fixes(I want vanilla experience when playing campaign, but higher resolution won't hurt).


When I delete folder of CnC.net version of any game, it is the same as uninstall? No registry keys left behind? I'm asking this to prevent possible conflicts with retail version.



Thank you for answering. :) Oh, and btw, will TS-ddraw work with Red Alert 2 and Yuri? I REALLY hate screen tearing :<

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The CnC.net version is very stripped down. You should be able to add the campaigns back to the CnC Net 5 TibSun by copying the MAPS01.MIX MOVIES01.MIX SIDECD01.MIX *GDI* and MAPS02.MIX MOVIES02.MIX SIDECD02.MIX *NOD* from your Origin version and put them into the folder of the CnC Net 5 TibSun. (I'm going to guess that Origin version is going to use the same files names as my old CD verson.) This should get the campaigns working.


For RA1 you can patch your Origin version.  http://funkyfr3sh.cncnet.org/


The CnC.net version of RA1 or using the above link to patch CD, TFD, TUC or Origin versons won't add any registry keys. I'm going to gess that CnC.net version of Tib Sun won't add any registry keys as well.

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Copy ts-spawn.exe (patched game executable), ddraw.dll (ts-ddraw) and tsconfig.exe (config tool) from your CnCNet5 TS folder to another TS installation. Then start ts-spawn.exe to start the game. That should allow you to play singleplayer. Note that ts-ddraw isn't finished yet and it will give you color corruption in the single player map and score screens, but playing the single player maps should work.

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Okay, here is an update:


I copied only tsconfig.exe to my Origin TS installation folder. I selected ts-ddraw in settings and nothing else, and it automatically created ddraw.dll in installation folder. Menus, UI, movies and game all perfectly smooth like a marshmallow fluff, I've played several campaign missions already. I even had to turn down scroll speed to minimum, because camera movement was so fast! I ran the game at original 800x600 which I selected from game menu. I didn't use custom resolutions or patched executable to avoid problems.

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i dont think ts-spawn.exe works perfectly fine on a vanilla installation (had some problems with the menu.. map names not showing...) using just the config program will work fine :)


For ra1 you can use http://funkyfr3sh.cncnet.org/ to patch your game like allen said, it wont modify the missions but it adds the high res patch and some extra missions under a new "custom missions" button in the main menu


The cncnet mini versions are not using any registry keys, you can keep your origin version and the mini versions installed at the same time

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