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Tell us your favorite units and characters in TDR... or the ones you hate too!


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Lets talk about the units and characters that we love or hate in TDR!


For example...




1.) Mammoth Tank

2.) X-01 Wolverine (The Exosuit)

3.) Assault Orca

4.) Stealth Tank

5.) Flame Tank


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Not So favorite :[ The Wolverine

It looks and walks like a wind up robot. I don't mean to criticize I understand you guys went through a lot of hard work to make these units. But I have to say it looks downright silly. But it has a gattling gun and obby ^.^ I feel bad now talking about the wolverine  :(

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Um... let me give this a shot...

1)A10Warthog (TFT)

2)Assault Orca/Orca VTOL fighter (TFT/GDI)

3)Advanced Mammoth/Mammoth (TFT/GDI)

4)Elite Commando (TFT/BHON)

5)Wolverine (TFT)

and maybe F22Raptor from Black hand of Nod, since it is similar to A10Warthog (both machine gun and missiles), but since I'm not a big fan of Nod (I dislike 'em, sorry Nod fans), and it doesn't carry the payload of A10... it won't make to the list.



My joy never ends when I see my orcas flying faster than apache or comanche (maybe I should report this as a bug/imbalance)

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Best Unit's (I may have modded them :]


2.)Grenadier: His emp grenade's can stop a rush in seconds

3.)A10 :Cus everyone loves tank killers ^.^

4.)Harvester : Cant play without resources

5.)Bradley Cus nothing makes a person hate your guts faster than a tank rush.

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