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cNick was banned from lobby


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Cnick: Why was I banned from the lobby this time? I did not usher any profanities or terrible cries against humanity, in fact, if I must say I've been something, it's complacent, modest, and gentile. I love all of Gods creatures equally, there is no hate in my heart, so then why... Why are there those who would see harm done onto me? Is it because I have a different view of the world? What could POSSIBLY, account for the monstrosity which has been done to me? What I ask you! Do you not understand the nature of speech, and freedom; and value liberty? I like all fellow Americans, do hold pride within my being, but do not allow my pride to be mistaken for arrogance. Arrogance, the killer of all ingenuity, the offspring of ignorance. No... Do not allow yourself to be fooled into this false belief, for what you see in my heart, is true pride. A pride which was passed down from father to father before me, and which finds its roots, deeply entwined with those few visionaries who left the tyrannical rule of the Old World, and who through blood and passion forged their own way, laid their own foundation, and created their own history. What you see bubbling within me is true passion! The passion of loving love, and the hatred for hate. Yet still, though I disagree with many peoples individual notions and opinions, I will defend to my last breath their right to say it! To silence the voice of a single individual is to silence the voice of the many. I, my fellow friends, have found myself to be the few.


And there shall be silence.

Thank you,

Sincerely, Cnick

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