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Welcome To TS:BoB

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Tiberian Sun: Best of Beta



The basic idea for this mod is to get as close to how Tiberian sun was in the beta as possible.

This will include replacing the existing voxel graphics with the “new” Beta Graphics, the beta buildings such as the dropship bay or adv radar, adding in cut units and more...

TS:BoB is a free standing mod, it will still need TS to run but it will not conflict with any other mod you have.


What has been done

quite a lot check the other topics


The team

Aro - terrain artist

Bobsam - Official Beta Tester, shp artist

Revolutionary - Leader, voxel/shp artist, mapper, coder and hacker ;)

Rico - 3D Artist



Alex06 - for the command center I used as a paceholder

Aro - for offering to make the terrain for me and donating a cameo

Bobsam - for doing some beta testing for me and making 2 cameos

Hyper - helping me with my exe problems and general advice/information

Rico - for offering to help with some 3D modeling

Tore - for giving me this fourm

Xeno - for Kodiak, montalk and mutant hijacker cameos (RIP xeno, i will use these to remember you)


how can i help

just prove to me you can help.


The mod pics can be seen in another post in this fourm


also see my xfire blog http://www.xfire.com/blog/revolutionarydb/

(add me if you want)


and my Moddb topic




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lol, a beta of a beta! well, i congratulate you on making a beta as i have seen many beta ideas that shoudntve been scrapped, as they were good for modding and looked cool, like a different mcv for nod+gdi and a different conyard, etc. anyways i wouldnt mind helping if you need it, as my schedule isnt full, and there are times when im too bored to work on cncnet window and just want to play some good old tiberium/an sun or cnc...

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Thanks for you comments


@Deadthank  what i realy need is a voxel artist but id be happy to take on another mapper, shp artist, beta tester or coder


@pichorra thats a pity, the mod is stand alone but unless i can no cd crack the exe youll need a cd to run my mod 




Right first of and most importantly i need a voxel artist

i need some one who can recreate the beta voxels including (if thay are able) the titan and wolverine.


Second of i will need beta tests soon more info on that later)


Edit; merged 2 of my posts

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well, i can voxel edit, but ill need to look at the beta models first.

i cant make it without knowing what they look like! XD

i also didnt voxel edit much, itll take more time but ill do my best, that is if no one else turns up...

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well, the scrinship looks hard, do you plan on using it in a single player mode?

the others, i could do, but itd take a while, i would find it easier to just edit the current radar to make the adv. one, but ill do my best!(i assume the radar one isnt big enough for it)

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(banner by aro)


Well i'm Back (sort of) and ive started working on TS:BoB again.


Recently i got a new computer and on which i have managed to install TFD, Normal TS and Unpatched TS.

I have done very little to show recently (unless you want code from the ini files or hex digits from some of the other basic exe/dll edits) but i hope to post an up date asap.




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Thanks for the interest and im glad you like it :D

It hasnt been going recently but it should be...


... ive got quite a bit of enquiry about BoB recently and due to event i cannot reveal information on yet ;) i think im going look out the backups, to sort out my Mod files and get working on BoB again.


I shall try to get a New update asap but dont expect it tommorow. 

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Well as a small update i have gathered up all my backups and im happy to say TS:BoB lives and is all there (what i have done is all there)

I have been racking threw the Files for the German Version of TS and have found a few small "Beta" files including some unused sound effects and more strange Tiberian crystal and rain drop splashes, ofcourse the german version also contains some interesting and possibly useful Censored material.


I am also downloading The spanish version of TS (from a time when it was ilegal by the looks of the file) which will hopefuly have some other "missing" content like the german one did, Still need to get a French version (dont know if any other languages excist) and possibly we can modify Tores installer program to allow the user to select which language he wants to install or use these to create new language specific downloads.


I hope to get some VXL editing done soon.


Edit excuse the spelling and grammer, im tired

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sorry for the late reply (i do pop-in regularly but don't post often.) I am still working here and there on the core mod on which i am building BoB around (which fixes existing bugs and such). I have had little time but hopefully over December i can do something else. I intend to release some of my graphics on this forum however which people can play about with.

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